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Want to Know my Favorite TVs of 2016? – Then Check out my Top Picks from LG, Samsung Sony and Vizio

2016 came and went as quickly as any other year in recent past. And now that we’ve kicked off a brand new year, it’s time for me to look back and reflect on which TVs delivered the best performance (picture quality).

My top five TVs of 2016 are from LG, Sony, Samsung and Vizio, and are all 4K UHD TVs. The models represented here are displays I reviewed last year and are my personal favorites and had the best picture quality performance in my opinion and experience.

Sure, there are other HDTVs from last year that performed just as well or even better in some regards than my selection presented here, but those are models I didn’t review.

Note: In each of my rankings I’ve provided a link to the actual review so you have quick access to the complete run down of the models presented here.

Here are the rankings:

#1: OLED TVs continue to gain momentum in the television market as manufacturer’s such as LG continue to showcase this excellent technology which arguably delivers the best picture quality ever. Furthermore, Sony has announced the release of OLED models in 2017, and Samsung has OLED models in the works. This is all great news for the continued growth of the OLED market and brings me to my #1 pick of 2016:

The LG OLED65E6P – This TV’s images were simply jaw-dropping, delivering the best picture quality I have seen to date. This is all made possible by OLED technology’s self-lighting pixels that are capable of presenting picture images with infinite contrast and perfect black levels. And speaking of black levels, the 65E6P’s black levels were extraordinary, and can’t be matched by any LED based TV.

The 65E6P also has HDR capability which takes its picture quality to new heights with stunning increases in peak brightness, contrast range and color richness and vibrancy for absolutely breath taking images.

With all of the picture attributes LG’s 65E6P brings to the table make it an easy choice visually for my top pick for 2016.

#2: Sony’s XBR75X940D – When I first saw the picture quality of this TV, my reaction was WOW! – as I was blown away by its stunning picture images. At that point I knew I had to do a hands-on review of this 4K Ultra HD display.

This 75” behemoth represents the pinnacle of 4K Ultra HD image quality where LED TVs are concerned. One of the key features that make this possible is the 940D’s panel illumination technology which is full-array backlighting with local dimming. This design, when implemented well, greatly improves picture contrast and black levels.

As for the 940D, this design pays huge dividends for its picture quality by delivering some of the deepest black levels and extended contrast range I have ever seen on an LED display. This performance also enhances this TVs HDR capability, which was excellent by the way.

Picture detail, clarity and transparency were also first rate, providing absolutely incredible crystal clear well defined and three dimensional looking images.

I was also very impressed with its color rendering thanks in part to Sony’s TRILUMINOS color technology which allowed the 940D to create incredibly true and natural shades of colors that were rich and vibrant which brought a great sense of realism to scenes that were filled with an abundant array of colors.

Anyhow, all is not perfect with the XBR75X940D’s picture characteristics; which leads me to one area of concern that I must point out to all potential buyers: There have been reports of what is known as image smearing or trailing that can show up on screen; for example, during a hockey game, as the black hockey puck moves across the ice, which is white, will allow you to see a faint black trail extending behind the hockey puck. Some viewers may find this picture anomaly unacceptable, while others may not mind it at all. Whatever the case, I felt it important to reveal this issue to consumer.

To sum things up, Sony’s XBR75X940D delivers absolutely stunning picture quality, with the exception of the motion smearing/trailing issue, which is not always visible and depends on the content you are watching. So as a consumer you should take this issue into consideration, and if you feel you wouldn’t have a problem with it, then Sony’s 940D 4K Ultra HDR TV will surely please.

#3: My next pick is also from Sony and is the excellent performing XBR65X930D 4K UHD HDR display, which delivers great overall picture quality. If you like watching lots of movies, TV shows or sporting events, then you can’t go wrong with the 930D. In general, picture images were very impressive, portraying sharp and detailed images with vivid and robust color reproduction.

This TV will also deliver the goods when watching movies with dark scenes in a darkened viewing environment by rendering good contrast range for gratifying deep black level performance.

Where the 930D truly excelled was with HDR content; which noticeably extended the displays contrast range allowing for better brightness highlights and much richer and more vibrant colors. Seeing this type of performance made me a firm believer in this latest picture enhancement technology.

The 930D also provides many worthwhile features which include a Google Android smart TV platform for access to your favorite apps and streaming services for virtually endless hours of entertainment.

Sony’s XBR65X930D is an all around excellent performer and gives you virtually all you need (with the exception of the built-in speakers which produced low quality sound) to take your home entertainment experience to the next level. Highly recommended!

#4: Samsung’s KS8000 is part of their 2016 SUHD premium lineup. The UN55KS8000 (reviewed model) is one of four screen sizes and introduces all potential buyers to their entry level premium series models. But if you think being an entry level TV will give up benefits in performance and features – think again. The UN55KS8000’s picture quality will certainly impress all but the pickiest of viewers, and produced excellent 4K and 1080p images that were sharp and crisp, rendering plenty of fine detail from the aforementioned high-def formats.

Another strong point of this TV is its outstanding black level performance due to its excellent contrast ratio. Black levels in dark movie scenes were a rich and inky deep black with not even a hint of grayish overtones. Very impressive performance, indeed.

Color reproduction was also of first-rate caliber; delivering vivid and rich color tones that were both accurate and natural, in addition to being tonally well balanced.

Viewing HDR content on this display elevated all of the qualities mentioned above to new heights. I was presented with all of the enhanced picture aspects that quality HDR content typically provides with very pleasing results.

I invite you to check out Samsung’s KS8000. You will be presented with a premium based television with first-rate picture quality and desirable features at a price point that won’t break the bank.

#5: Vizio’s 65″ P65-C1 4K HDR UHD TV is part of the company’s second generation P-Series lineup. The first generation was met with mixed reviews due to picture quality and functionality issues which Vizio did address via firmware updates.

The latest P-Series is much improved and provides much smoother operation and better picture quality. Vizio has also added a 6″ Android tablet remote to control the TV and operate its smart TV platform. The TV does not have a built-in turner which will be a setback for anyone wanting to connect an antenna to receive over-the-air broadcast.

Picture quality enhances come in the form of better contrast and black level performance via the addition of more active LED zones which has gone from 64 to 128  zones on the 65″ model for the panels full-array LED backlighting design with local dimming. This improvement delivered deep and inky blacks levels that were very impressive.

The overall picture quality of the P65-C1 was very good and performed admirably in key picture element areas such as contrast range and black levels, color rendering, resolution detail and clarity, motion control and screen uniformity. All of the aforementioned characteristics were plainly visible while viewing 1080p, 4K and even HDR content on the P65-C1

Vizio’s P65-C1 is a well rounded performer and definitely deserves your consideration if you’re looking to purchase a quality large screen 4K HDR Ultra HD TV.

Final thoughts…

Any of the five displays represented here will make a fine choice for a new 4K UHD TV. I hope you find this info to be useful in helping to narrow your choices during your television search. And remember as we get closer to the release of the 2017 models, you will find most, if not all 2016 models available at substantial discounts.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the items featured here, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

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