Sony XBR75X940D 4K HDR Ultra HD TV Review [Update]

Sony XBR75X940E

*Update: This excellent performing TV is still in production as a 2017 model (XBR75X940E) that included some feature updates:

  • New processor – 4K HDR X1 Extreme and HDR remaster
  • X-tended Dynamic Range Pro 10x
  • HDR with Dynamic Contrast Enhancer
  • Google Assistant – Alexa voice control

There has also been a major price drop, and now this 75″ TV can be had for $2,499.90. Original price was $4,499.99. Grab one while they’re still available from

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Samsung Q90R and Q70R Comparison Review – Which one should you choose?

An informative look at the performance of these QLED 4K HDR TVs

This is not an apple to apples comparison which was my intent. In this review I wanted to point out and highlight what the advantages are of choosing the flagship model over a less expensive model in Samsung’s premium lineup of QLED 4K HDR TVs.

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Last Blockbuster Video Store Lives On – At least for Now

Last Blockbuster in world

Last Blockbuster – Bend, OR

Only one store left in the entire world

It seems like only yesterday when I used to look forward to going to my local Blockbuster video store on a Friday or Saturday night with the family to seek out the latest new releases no DVD or Blu-ray discs. Back then the experience of driving to the video store, walking and browsing the aisles and picking up your movie(s) in person was part of the excitement that made watching movies at home fun and entertaining.

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