FCC Notice – Don’t Forget to Rescan Your TV – What you Need to Know

Attention: All OTA (Over-the-Air) TV viewers

The FCC recently released an article entitled: Broadcast TV Transition: What to Watch For. The article explains why all consumers who watch and receive their TV broadcast from over-the-air signals via an antenna should rescan their TVs on a regular basis between now and July 2020, because some local TV stations in cities across the U.S. are changing their over-the-air broadcast frequencies.

However, everyone who receives their TV signals using an antenna won’t necessarily have to rescan their TVs since many areas won’t be affected by this transition.

To learn more about this transition, and how it affects you, see the full FCC article here.

Final thoughts… as the “cord cutter” segment (consumers getting rid of cable/satellite due to cost) continues to rise, I hope many individuals will find the info in this brief article useful.

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