Samsung KU6270 4K Ultra HD TV

Samsung KU6270

55″ UN55KU6270 & 60″ UN60KU6270 60Hz HDR Smart LED TV – Product Profile

Samsung recently released a new 6 Series model just in time for the holiday season. The new model (as noted above) is available in two screen sizes and contains the latest technology features which include 4K resolution and HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability, in addition to a very good smart TV platform powered by a Tizen operating system.

The KU6270 is virtually identical in design, features and functionality to Samsung’s KU6300 (see review here). So I would expect its overall performance to be very similar to the KU6300; therefore, this should give you an idea of what to expect from the KU6270 since this article isn’t an actual review of this model.

However, for comparison, the KU6270 does lack Bluetooth capability, no Smart Touch remote control, no composite or component inputs and no 3.5mm composite and component adapters, which are available on the KU6300.

The KU6270 is an exclusive model available for purchase from select retailers: The 55″ KU6270 is available only from Best Buy and is currently on sale for $479.99, a savings of $320.00, while the 60″ KU6270 is only available at Walmart for $648.00, a savings of $451.99. You may also want to check out the 55″ KU6290 which is very similar to the KU6270 and is on sale at Best Buy for $599.00.

Note: Check the retailers’ websites mentioned above for current pricing and availability.


  • The KU6270 uses direct-lit LED backlighting for panel illumination. This technique places zones of LEDs directly behind the TV’s screen. The advantages of this lighting scheme vs. edge-lit LED designs are more uniform screen lighting and a brighter picture image. It can also improve contrast and black level performance.
  • Samsung’s Premium HDR or High Dynamic Range provides increased contrast with a greater range of peak brightness (highlights) and black levels, in addition to better picture detail and more vibrant colors.
  • UHD Dimming optimizes color, contrast, and image detail by processing the image characteristics prior to them being displayed on the screen.
  • Ultra Clear Panel – Get the best picture with minimized glare from any angle with a screen that absorbs ambient light, reduces reflections, and lets the picture come to life.
  • UHD Upscaling – Upconverts lower resolution media (non-4K) to a stunning near ultra high-definition experience with enhanced detail and optimized picture quality.
  • Motion Rate 120 for motion blur reduction – native refresh rate is 60Hz
  • HEVC/VP9 decoding for watching streamed 4K video sources like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube.
  • DIRECTV 4K Ready – DIRECTV subscribers with the Genie Whole-Home HD DVR can enjoy 4K service and full DVR features without an additional receiver.
  • Quad-Core processor for seamless web browsing capability while surfing the internet from the TV
  • 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi to connect to your wireless network
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Full Web Browser
  • Smart Hub: Samsung’s latest smart TV Tizen OS and Smart Hub are designed to provide users with simple access to their favorite content all in one place. Live TV, over the top (OTT), games and even the menu that appears on the home screen of Samsung Smart TVs will allow users to access their favorite programs as soon as they turn on the TV.


  • 3 HDMI ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • 1 RF input for antenna, cable or satellite
  • 1 Digital optical audio output
  • HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 compliant

Dimensions: 55″ model

  • With stand: (W x H x D) 48.9″ x 31.0″ x 12.2″
  • Without stand: (W x H x D) 48.9″ x 28.3″ x 2.5″

Weight: 55″ model

  • With stand: 35.3 lbs.
  • Without stand: 33.1 lbs.

Dimensions: 60″ model

  • With stand: (W x H x D) 57.6″ x 35.7″ x 14.5″
  • Without stand: (W x H x D) 57.6″ x 33.2″ x 2.5″

Weight: 60″ model

  • With stand: 56.9 lbs.
  • Without stand: 52.2 lbs.



Updated on 2/2/2017


  • Love it, laggy (100ms) until you lock it at 60p, then it dropped to 20-50ms. Picture Quality is great.

    Xbox One, PC, USB stick user.

    • Hi Stavros,
      Thanks for letting everyone know how well the Samsung KU6270 performs. Glad you’re enjoying it.

    • Can’t find where to lock it to 60p

      • Actually, there isn’t a function that locks the TV at 60p. What the earlier comment was referring to was switching the TV to “Game” mode which greatly reduces input lag while gaming. Furthermore, the 60p frame rate that was referred to is the actual video signal (frame rate) the TV is receiving from the source, which in this case is the game console. By the way, game consoles (not computer gaming) are capped at 60fps.

        So in the end just set your TV to game mode while video gaming to achieve the same or similar results.

        Oh, I almost forgot to mention, be sure the TV’s Auto Motion Plus feature is turned off. Leaving it on during gaming will increase input lag.

  • Hey! Guys, friendly advice. I got this a week ago model UN60KU6270 was working really great, because it’s 4K UHD TV and perfect match to my Bose Home Theater A/V receiver surround sound. In terms of connectivity like RGB, components, optical output, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth? You don’t really need those confusing connectors.

    Only you need was HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface and Video input from your tv, if you love watching movies in the big screen, also you need to buy any Audio/Video Receiver or if you’re using only for watching news or tv series just use it as tv only. Don’t make yourself confuse, just make it in a simple way. Follow the connectivity on YouTube whichever type of sound you want to hear or settings on your tv.

    Only you need the Bluetooth if you have a Bluetooth speaker/ surround bar or Wi-Fi for update the software or USB connector for wire connection/Wi-Fi for wireless connections.

    Always remember that all the problems in this world, there’s a solution. I hope this will help you guys.

    May Peace to the whole World or Entire Universe including the Alien from Outer space. Merry Christmas to All of Us…

  • I like my tv, though it would be nice to stuff more colour through the HDMI pipe from my computer.

    It is a limitation of HDMI and i knew it when i bought it so it’s not like i wasn’t expecting it.

    I hope tv’s buy into Display Port instead of making their own HDMI bull.

  • The KU6270 TV is edge-lit, not direct-lit.

  • Do you know the input lag of this model 50KU6270?

  • Hi everybody,

    I’m having an issue with my Samsung 50KU6270: it won’t recognize my HDMI signal. My computer’s NVIDIA graphics card recognizes the TV when I connect the HDMI, but nothing is happening on the Samsung end. I’ve tried updating drivers, unplugging and plugging before restart, etc. but nothing seems to work. Any tips would be grealy suggested. I am able to use Netflix and the image quality of this tv is superb.


    • Hi Kyle,
      I would start with checking the output resolution of your computer. The supported PC resolutions for the KU6270 can be found in the user manual. Next, change the output resolution of your PC to one that is supported by the TV.
      Hope this helps.

  • I think this is the worst tv that samsung release . I bought it 20 days ago and after the first day a black dot come out on the screen .they give me a new one and today after 10 days a blue vertical line show up in the screen. if this is normal i dont know . in 15 days i had 2 defected 4k 60 inch samsung tvs .

  • I have the 60 inch model and I noticed that it does have gamefly and Playstation apps but it doesn’t have the built in “games” app.. I would like to know why unless this is just another spec they dropped from the ku6300 to this model. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Mike,
      Don’t know why the app isn’t available. Check to see if it is available for download.

      • It’s not. I’ve looked everywhere. I can get the streaming apps like PS now and gamefly but not the Samsung games app. Maybe because it doesn’t have Bluetooth? And there’s only about 1gb of internal storage so maybe that’s why.

  • Great tv remote not so great can’t get the volume up and down to work it only mutes it and forget the channel up and down that doesn’t work either called Samsung received a new remote same thing what is the deal with this??? This is my 3 Rd Samsung tv and right now it will be my last Samsung product. And forget the customer service department they are the worst . No help from them…

    • Hi Jeannine,
      Could be a problem with the TV picking up a good signal from the remote. You may what to try a factory reset of the TV from the TV’s menu and see if this clears things up. Also, to help isolate the problem, if you have a universal remote control, program it to control the Samsung KU6270 and then see if the “volume” and “channel” buttons work from that remote. If so, then there is an issue with the Samsung remote communicating with the TV.

      Hope this helps your situation.

      • Tried the reset nothing. Funny that my 32 in remote works on channel up and volume with no problem .. 2 remotes not communicating kind of odd .. any other suggestions ?

        • Sorry this didn’t solve your remote problems, Jeannine. Unfortunately I don’t have any more suggestions at this time to fix your remote issues, with the exception of using a different remote to control the TV.
          However, if this is a deal breaker for you, you can return or exchange the TV if you’re still within your return policy period.

  • Now that more time has passed, can you provide a better comparison of the UN60KU6270 to the UN60KU6300? Specifically all features that are lacking on the UN60KU6270. Is the picture quality the same?

    • Hi Steve,
      I don’t have any additional info to pass along to you regarding these two models. I did a bit more research and couldn’t find any additional differences between the two than what I’ve already mentioned in this post. As far as picture quality goes, I believe they will be very similar if not identical since they are basically the same TV. However, I can’t be 100% certain since I didn’t do a review of the KU6270.

      Update: The KU6300 has a Smart Touch remote control that isn’t included with the KU6270. The KU6270 is supplied with a standard remote.

  • Hey guys! I have watched the 6270 and 6300 bounce all over the place in price over the holidays and I have researched them very thoroughly. Waiting for the pre-Super Bowl sales! These TVS are not identical. Besides not having Bluetooth, the 6270 does not come with the much touted Smart remote. It ships with the standard remote. If you don’t care about the Smart remote (and Samsung’s claim that it will replace all of your other remotes) and you can live without Bluetooth, then the 6270 may be just what you need.

    • Hi Tim,
      Looks like your research was more thorough than mine since I missed the remote controls being different. I will add this info to this post. Thanks.
      I had already mentioned in the post regarding the KU6270 not having Bluetooth, in addition to lacking a few other features.

      • I have the 6270 and it came with the smart remote. It just doesn’t have voice control.. And it doesn’t have the universal remote features that control your other devices, But it is the little smart remote.

        • Hi Mike,
          Thanks for your comment, however the standard remote supplied with the 6270 (TM1640A) has the same design as the Smart Touch remote (TM1650A) that is supplied with other models such as the KU6300. But since it doesn’t contain certain features like “voice control”, Samsung considers it a standard remote.

  • Hey, I’m having an issue with the picture of my ku6270 55″ where it’s cutting off the edges. I’ve tried changing the aspect ratio and zooming out as far as it will go but everything still has that obnoxious Telemundo soap opera close-up feel, is there any way to fix this?

    • Hi Craig,
      Since you have already eliminated the TV’s aspect ratio as the cause of your problem, my question is do you have cable or satellite service? And if so, they usually require a set top box for service. Check the aspect ratio being sent to your TV from the set top box. I have on occasion, and by mistake, hit the aspect ratio/screen size button on my remote that controls my cable box, which then changed the size of the image on screen.

      Hope this helps.

  • I have a55″ model 6279 I bought on Black Friday. It has yellow lights emitting from the top of the screen when dark background appears what is this?

    • Hey Rodney,
      I assume you meant the 6270 and not 6279. It sounds like what you are seeing is light bleed from the LEDs. This is a common issue with LED TVs and can have varying levels of severity. Was this defect there when you bought the TV, or did it just begin to appear?
      Either way, I believe you may have a defective panel which needs repair or TV replacement.

  • What HDMI cable is recommended for the 60KU6270 model?

    • Hi Mike,
      Any basic high speed HDMI cable will do the job, you just don’t want it to be of poor manufactured quality. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for a quality HDMI cable. Monoprice and AmazonBasics are good choices.

  • So I noticed from the Samsung website that the 6290 has “Purcolor” and the 6270 does not (or just isn’t listed). Is this a big issue in difference between the two?

    • Hey Strider,
      To the best of my knowledge and according to DisplaySpecifications, the 6270 does have “PurColor”.

      Quite often for marketing reasons, a particular feature will not be listed on a given model when in fact it does contain or offer that feature. However, in some cases it can also be an oversight and not left out intentionally.

      • Thanks Milton,

        I have one and I saw that the KU6290 55′ was on sale and wasn’t quite sure what the advantage was in having one or the other. As far as I know Bluetooth is the main thing that sets these models and the KU6300 apart ,correct?

        • That is correct Strider; additionally the KU6300 has a Smart Touch remote as the other two models do not. The KU6270 is also minus the component/composite input and the 3.5mm adapters.

  • Does this tv support Full or Limited RGB when connected to ps4?

    • Hi Harrisparks,
      Some HDTVs made today do not support Full RGB, However, the KU6270’s “HDMI Black Level” function does allow you to adjust the RGB settings. Check out this post from RHT for more info on Full RGB vs. Limited RGB.

      So connecting a PS4 via the HDMI inputs on the 6270 should allow you to set full of limited RGB.

  • My 6270 that I have had since the end of November has just started getting ghost line in the bottom left corner of the tv when there is a dark image showing. The lines looked to be a grey color and are about an inch wide and 12 inches tall. Guess I will be calling customer service

    • Hi Ken,
      Before you call customer service, I suggest you perform a factory reset which you can do within the TV’s menus. I also strongly recommend you do a power cycle on your TV and see if these two procedures clear up your issue.

      To do a power cycle, follow the steps below:

      -Turn the TV off
      -Remove power from your TV by unplugging from wall outlet
      -Drain residual power from TV by holding down the power button on TV for 15 to 30 seconds – Do not use the power button on remote
      -Provide power to your TV by plugging TV back into wall outlet
      -Power the TV on to see if this has resolved your issue.

      Hope this helps.

  • Hello! Posted here a few times and love the site! How does this model handle motion? I just want a tv I’m going to use for a lot of sports, walmart has this on sale right now for $598 for there 60 inch version, seems like a great price. Also how bad or good is the viewing angle?

    • Hi John,
      Glad you enjoy the site, thank you. As you probably know that this post isn’t an actual review of the KU6270, instead it is what I refer to as a “product profile” which is based on info I’ve gathered that readers should find useful regarding a particular product. With that said, the KU6270 is almost identical (less a few features) to the KU6300 and should have virtually the same picture quality.

      I did do a review on the KU6300 and found that it had good motion control ability while watching sporting events. Its wide angle viewing performance was about average for an LED TV and showed a notable loss in color saturation and contrast beginning at about 20 to 25 degree angles.


  • Do you know if the KU6270 has a 8-bit or 10-bit panel? I’ve seen both reported on various web sites and even one site saying that it just depends because Samsung does a “panel lottery.” In other words, I’d like to know if it fully displays HDR-10 content? I purchased one of these over the weekend and can verify that my PS4 Pro reports that it does support full RGB and HDR. But then I’ve read that just because it supports this mode doesn’t necessarily mean that it can display it properly. Basically, the more I read the more confused I become. I’ve tested a few HDR games and trying out some 4K HDR videos on YouTube (assuming the PS4 Pro YouTube app supports HDR) and of course it looks far better than my old HD set. I just want to make sure I’m getting the most out of the specification.
    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Craig,
      I’ve also seen reports of both 8-bit and 10-bit panels on this model. But from the info I’ve gathered, I believe it is most likely be a 10-bit panel. With a 10-bit panel, the KU6270 shouldn’t have any problems fully displaying HDR-10 content. Also be aware that the appearance of HDR images can and does vary depending on the caliber of the TV and the quality of the HDR content.

      The KU6270 shouldn’t have any issues properly displaying a full RGB and HDR signal from your PS4 Pro, which I believe you have already verified; likewise, if the image looks correct (not crushing the black level) and is pleasing to your own eyes, I wouldn’t be too concerned on whether or not it is being displayed properly.

      Craig, with your current setup, you have and are taking the right direction to getting the most out of the 4K/HDR specification on your KU6270. However, the end result is what matters most, so if the 4K HDR images you are viewing are pleasing to your own eyes, and you feel you’ve taken the necessary steps to achieve the best picture quality; then just sit back and enjoy your new display.


  • Has anyone had any luck buying a universal remote (non Samsung)? I do not like standard remote; would like to have numbers, etc.

  • Hi milton,

    Are you still on here? I had a question maybe you can answer? So I am getting some lines in the TV just one side. We play video games on this TV. It’s kind a of ghosting effect on it. Is this a calibration issue or do you think the TV is damaged. For example if we are using the PlayStation the xmb bar on the left side shows maybe line its a little washed out. But you don’t really see it other thing unless I’m web browsing, like streaming something from the Comcast.

    Just wonder if something is damaged.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi strider,
      I assume this issue just started… so are you saying it just happens when using your PlayStaion?, or does it happen when using other sources? If its just when using your game console, make sure your cable connections are secure. Also try a factory reset on the console.

      If it is happening on all or other sources, you can try doing a factory reset on the TV.

      If this doesn’t clear up your issue then you may have a defective TV.
      It is not a calibration issue.

  • Does ku6270 have Bluetooth for earphones

  • Hello, I purchased the KU6270 last year (–led-2160p-smart-4k-ultra-hd-tv/5624256.p?skuId=5624256). I have recently found out that the specs list it as NOT supporting HDR. However there is a setting on the TV called HDR+ and from what I have read in this article and the comments the KU6270 is supposed have HDR, so now I am confused… I purchased an Xbox One X and I want to ensure I can fully take advantage of the 4K HDR content

  • Having issues with it shutting on and off , also dark dark spot and flickering white

    • Hi Ann,

      You can try doing a factory reset from the TV’s menu settings followed by a power cycle by unplugging the TV for about one minute and plugging it back in and see if this helps to clear up your issues. If this doesn’t work, your TV is most likely defective, especially since it is an older model.

      Hope this helps.

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