Sony X900H 4K TV Review – Including a Comparison to the X950H

Sony XBR900H

XBR65X900H HDR 120Hz Android Smart LED/LCD TV

Review Summary
Sony XBR900H angle view

Product Name: XBR900H

Product Description: X1 4K HDR Processor | Full-array direct-lit LED backlight with local dimming | X-tended Dynamic Range | HDMI 2.1 | Next-Gen ATSC 3.0 Tuner | Android smart TV platform with Google Assistant built-in | Apple Airplay 2 | X-Balanced Speakers

Brand: Sony

  • Sony XBR65X900H

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Model year: 2020

Screen size reviewed: 65″

Bottom Line – The X900H is a well rounded 4K TV that offers very good performance and features. One of its prominent features will be HDMI 2.1 compliance, which will enable it to handle 4K @120Hz content and VRR and ALLM capabilities for enhanced video gaming. The X900H also has a built-in tuner for ATSC 3.0 over-the-air broadcast. These latest technology enhancements will solidify the X900H as a future proof TV.


With stand: (W x H x D) 57 1/8” x 35 5/8” x 13 3/8”

Without stand: (W x H x D) 57 1/8” x 32 7/8” x 2 7/8”


With stand: 51.2 lbs.

Without stand: 48.9 lbs.

Warranty: One year parts and labor


  • Very good overall picture quality including excellent contrast/black levels and great color accuracy
  • HDMI 2.1 compliant
  • Low input lag and great gaming features including VRR and ALLM
  • Will be PlayStation 5 ready


  • Picture quality degrades when viewing TV at wide angles
  • No as many “picture settings” menu options as past X900 models


Sony’s XBR900H is the follow up to the excellent performing XBR900F which was released in 2018 and still remains one of my favorite 4K TVs. Now after reviewing the XBR900H, I will say from the start that Sony has done a fine job with this latest 900H Series model.

Although, the X900F does have overall better picture quality, in my opinion. However, this statement is made according to my memory and notes from the X900F evaluation and not a direct comparison.

The X900H is available in 55”, 65”, 75”, and 85” screen sizes.

Sony XBR900H side view

Design and Features

Appearance-wise, the X900H is an attractive flat panel TV. The narrow aluminum bezel gives the display a pseudo-bezel-less appearance which helps keeps you focused on the screen for a more immersive viewing experience. The metal blade stand is designed with a minimalist approach not drawing too much attention, yet is still eye appealing for all who desire such a thin design. The stand also provides good support for the display panel.

The screen is coated with a semi-gloss finish and is illuminated with full-array LED backlighting with local dimming. The X900H will also do a good job reflecting light away from the screen in a well-lit room. Just don’t place it in direct sunlight for best results.

The X900H is approximately 2-7/8” thick which doesn’t make it one of the thinnest flat panel designs currently available, yet is still reasonably thin for this type of design. The X900H is also solidly built and doesn’t feel or appear cheaply made. The X900H features a very simplistic cable management system that allows for cables to be routed along the TV’s feet and secured in place with clips.

Sony X900H cable management

Product highlights

  • X1 4K HDR Processor for great picture quality delivering deep contrast and detailed picture images
  • 4K X-Reality PRO upscales images to near 4K clarity
  • Object-based HDR Remaster improves color and contrast for SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) content
  • Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR reduces banding for a smoother, more natural picture
  • Full-array direct-lit LED backlighting with local dimming for excellent picture contrast and black levels
  • X-tended Dynamic Range – Adjust the contrast for brighter peak whites and deeper blacks
  • HDMI 2.1 – Allows for 4K @ 120Hz/fps, higher bandwidth up to 48 Gbps, eARC, variable refresh rate, ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode)
  • Next-Gen/ATSC 3.0 tuner for over-the-air 4K broadcast
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG) extends picture contrast and brightness when viewing HDR content
  • TRILUMINOS Display delivers a wider color palette, for enhanced and accurate color reproduction.XBR900H remote
  • X-Motion Clarity technology for smoother and clearer fast motion – 120Hz native refresh rate
  • Netflix Calibrated Mode – This mode was specially developed to enjoy Netflix originals and reproduce the same picture quality on a TV as on a studio evaluation master.
  • Calibrated Mode, the creator’s vision and intent are faithfully preserved.
  • CalMan Ready for use with CalMan auto-calibration software
  • Acoustic Multi-Audio uses sound positioning tweeters to help optimize the location of sound on the screen so you hear precisely controlled, high-quality audio from the appropriate areas of the scene
  • X-Balanced Speakers: Sony’s uniquely shaped X-balanced speakers deliver clear sound from movies and music soundtracks. The TV is equipped with two down-firing X-balanced drivers.
  • Android smart TV platform with Google Assistant built-in
  • Amazon Alexa-compatible voice control assistant
  • Apple Airplay 2 and HomeKit
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Remote Control: The standard remote features a built-in mic for voice recognition. The built-in microphone provides voice control of select Android TV functions through the built-in Google Assistant.


Sony XBR900H rear ports

Rear Ports

  • 4 HDMI inputs – 2.1 on inputs 3 & 4 (HDCP 2.3 compliant)
  • 1 Composite video input (adaptor cable required)
  • 2 USB inputs – one is USB 3.0
  • 1 Ethernet input
  • 1 RF input for antenna/cable/satellite
  • 1 Digital optical audio output
  • 1 Analog audio output 3.5 mm
  • ARC HDMI input 3 (eARC support will be added via future firmware update)
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) provides fast, reliable wireless streaming
  • Bluetooth wireless audio streaming to a compatible speaker or set of headphones


The XBR65X900H delivered very good picture quality. And as expected, HDR content provided the best image quality from the X900H. Images were presented with enhanced luminosity, delivering good specular highlights with plenty of detail and clarity. Colors were very vivid displaying great accuracy and a natural richness that was not present with non-HDR content. Although, non-HDR color rendering was still very good and was what I expected from a Sony TV of this caliber. Furthermore, this TV has wide color gamut capability for greater color volume when viewing HDR content. has posted “real scene” SDR (standard dynamic range) peak brightness at 493 nits, and HDR (high dynamic range) peak brightness at 556 nits.

Standard 4K content delivered great picture quality. Picture attributes such as image depth and transparency, detail, and clarity were all presented with excellent quality, and the combination of these attributes brought forth an appealing three-dimensional image presentation.

The X900H has exceptional contrast range thanks in part to its full-array LED backlighting with local dimming and Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range technology, which allowed the X900H to deliver outstanding black levels which were readily apparent in content with dark and significantly black images. In addition, shadow detail was also very good when viewing physical objects in scenes with low light levels.

Black screen uniformity was very good on this TV. I did not see any light bleed along any of the screen’s edges, nor could I detect any clouding across the screen’s surface while viewing a dark screen.

Motion handling was good on this display due to Sony’s X-Motion Clarity technology which did a good job at suppressing motion blur artifacts. This was very obvious while watching fast action content, whether it be a movie or sporting event.

Wide angle viewing suffered from picture degradation that is common with most LED/LCD TVs when viewing the TV at wide angles. The contrast and color saturation loss was obvious, although not very intense.

Sound quality – Sony’s Acoustic Multi-Audio technology and the TV’s two X-Balanced speakers produced decent sound quality. The overall sound output was enveloping with adequate stereo imaging and spatial separation. Bass impact was limited and was on the lean side of the sonic spectrum, yet still had a noticeable presence.

Performance Comparison – X900H vs X950H

Before I get to the different performance characteristics between the X900H and X950H, I’d like to highlight some of their feature differences: The 950H has a better processor – Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, the 900H has a less capable, but still very good X1 4K HDR Processor. The 950H has X-Wide Angle technology which does improve its wide-angle viewing performance. The 950H has a better remote, yet the 900H’s remote isn’t lacking in functionality by comparison. The 950H has 3 USB inputs, whereas the 900H only has two.

Now, where the 900H does have a step up in features is with its HDMI 2.1 inputs. This will allow 4K @ 120Hz/fps, higher bandwidth up to 48 Gbps, eARC, variable refresh rate (VRR) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode). It also has an ATSC 3.0 tuner for over-the-air 4K broadcast.

Now, on to the performance differences: I’ll get right to the point – the X950H does have overall better picture quality which was quite obvious. Although the X900H technically has a better contrast ratio; however, visually the 950H has a better-perceived contrast range, which gave the 950H more dynamic punch and pop. Both TVs had excellent black levels which were a deep shade of black. However, the 950H’s black levels appeared to be a bit more intense when viewing normal dark content. Additionally, dark scene shadow detail was also better on the 950H. Objects in nighttime scenes were more clearly defined on the 950H.

Note: The X950H’s lower contrast ratio is supposedly due to its X-Wide Angle technology. This statement is based on info I found from a reliable online source.

Peak brightness output was noticeably better on the 950H allowing for much better peak bright highlights and more dynamic punch. Detail and clarity were more refined on the 950H delivering more texture and definition to on-screen objects. The 950H also had better image transparency which provided a more realistic image. Color rendering was very good on both displays, but the 950H’s color palette had a bit more vibrancy and punch.

So, is the 950H worth the extra cash? In my opinion yes. I did see a worthwhile improvement in picture quality that made the 950H more enjoyable to watch. But on the other hand, if I hadn’t done a side-by-side comparison of the two displays, I most likely wouldn’t have known what I was missing; that’s just how appealing the 900H’s picture quality truly is.

With that said, if your budget doesn’t allow or you just don’t want to spend the extra money for the 950H, then go with the 900H. You will still be getting an excellent 4K TV.

See the full review of the XBR950H here.


During my evaluation, the XBR900H proved to be a very good 4K HDR TV, and from a features standpoint, it has many of the latest bells and whistles including Sony’s initial entry into HDMI 2.1 compliance. Additionally, the Android smart TV platform with Google Assistant makes it easy to find your favorite content and services for hours of endless entertainment.

And last but not least, the XBR65X900H delivered commendable picture quality that was visually satisfying, especially with 4K HDR content. However, if you won’t be viewing HDR content on this TV, you will still be presented with great picture quality with other high def resolution sources including standard 4K and 1080p resolutions.

My final thoughts…

In my opinion, Sony’s XBR900H will be one of the most popular TVs for 2020 simply because it packs a lot in the way of premium class performance and features as a mid-tier 4K HDR TV at an affordable price.

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  • Good review, but when is Sony going to activate HDMI 2.1 features in the 950H as other forums have already confirmed it has the same HDMI 2.1 hardware as the 900H after checking repair schematics?

    • Hi Fuzzy,

      At this time I have not heard any official word on if the 950H will be getting an HDMI 2.1 upgrade. But if and when it does, I will update this review with the info.

      HDTVs and More

      • I’ve heard it’ll be around the launch of the PS5, so if we’re to believe that rumour, and the rumours of the PS5 release date… November 20th.

    • I can assure you that the X900H and the X950H do not share the same hardware and that because of that the X950H will never include HDMI 2.1 beyond it’s current support for eARC.

      The mainboard diagram of the X900H (seen here – shows no additional hardware required for eARC and two full HDMI 2.1 ports, it also has no separate X1 co-processor as all picture processing functions are handled by a single System-on-Chip (SoC) processor.

      The X950H mainboard diagram (seen here – shows separate hardware to implement eARC because of its HDMI 2.0 only chipset. You can also see it has a separate co-processor chipset to implement the X1 Ultimate processing features so that there is less demand on the primary system SoC.

      • Hi 88keyz,

        Thanks for your very thorough and detailed response. Much appreciated.

        HDTVs and More

    • 950H no HDMI 2.1

  • Hi Milton
    Thanks for your excellent review. Do you think Sony are missing a trick with their current TVs by not making allowance for people with sound bars? This particular TV is higher on its stand than some of their models (but still quite low) which are almost flat to the surface and force buyers with SBs to wall mount. A more practical solution would be to make the stands/feet height adjustable in the way another manufacturer (can’t remember which one) does.

    • Hi Leonard,

      Good points. But in my opinion, I honestly don’t think Sony is taking into consideration that many consumers may want to place a soundbar beneath their TVs. I also believe Sony may not want anything to distract viewers from focusing on the picture image which may happen if a soundbar is placed beneath the TV screen.

      That being said, Sony’s design practice forces consumers to choose other options that allow for soundbar placement such as wall-mounting the TV, as you mentioned, or purchase a tabletop cabinet that has shelving that will allow for a soundbar to be placed under the TV.

      Thanks for your comments.

      HDTVs and More

    • Sony soundbar is designed to fit between the wide legs of the tv.

  • Thanks for the review, Milton! I have been looking for a TV that will support all the gaming features present in the HDMI 2.1 standard for the living room. While looking for an HDMI 2.1 set, the price of this TV blew me away. It’s also nice to hear it handles just about everything well. I have a Sony 900E in the bedroom and it has been a fantastic TV. The picture quality is miles above my current living room TV (a Vizio P-Series). Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Jesse,

      Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the review. And I agree, the 900H is a great value and offers a lot in the way of performance and features.
      Glad to hear you’re still enjoying the 900E.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hello,
    Thanks for the review.

    I was debating either buying the 75″ 900H over 75″ Samsung QLED Q80T or 75″ LG NANO91

    Can you please advise? Thanks.

    • Hi Indy,

      I’m a fan of all three of these manufacturers, but of the three models you mentioned here, I would most likely go with the Samsung Q80T due to its overall better picture quality. That said, the Sony 900H would be my second choice.

      HDTVs and More

  • According to Rtings, x900H has better contrast so I find this review quite interesting. I have seen two other reviews also declares that X950H has better contrast. Maybe something was wrong with Rtings’ machines. Sometimes their numbers conflict with real life I guess.

    By the way, did you notice upscaling difference between these two? How much difference does X1 Ultimate processor make?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Denise,

      I respect the work and info that Rtings provides, and whether or not their equipment was faulty can’t be determined by anyone outside the Rtings organization. Furthermore, Rtings does state their reason for the X950H’s lower contrast ratio when compared to the X900H which was due to the X-Wide Angle technology used on the X950H. So I will take that info at face value and accept their technical findings.

      That being said, during my evaluation, I did mention that under normal viewing conditions the contrast and black levels were visually better on the X950H which conflicts with Rtings technical findings. So with this particular circumstance, I will trust my trained eyes.

      On a personal note, I’ve been evaluating TV performance for many years, long before this website was established and what I’ve discovered is that technical measurements don’t always align with what you actually see on-screen during normal viewing conditions. Technical measurements are important and do have their place and are useful to all (including me) who like to explore the technical aspects of an electronic device. However, at the end of the day, what matters most is how pleasing a picture image appears to the person(s) who are watching any given TV regardless of what the technical measurements may reveal, in my opinion.

      As far as any upscaling differences between the two models, the X1 Ultimate processor does provide subtle improvements in the form of picture detail and clarity. But to see these small differences I had to look hard and scrutinize the picture images very closely.

      Thanks for your comments, Denise, much appreciated.

      HDTVs and More

  • I am thinking of buying a 900H but am having second thoughts. The 900F, although a 2018 model, is about $300 cheaper and appears to have a faster chip – the X1 Extreme, extended dynamic range pro, and some other processing components that appear superior. It doesn’t have the latest tuner, Dolby Atmos, or as good of internal speakers as the 900H. I was initially surprised that Sony dumbed dumb down the video processing on the newer more expensive model but I guess that is so they could market an even more expensive 950H. So, if picture quality was the most important criterion, which TV would you buy?

    • Hi Paul,

      If you’re not concerned about having HDMI 2.1, then I would go with the X900F, since it does deliver better overall picture quality in my opinion, and experience. Nevertheless, I’m not trying to take anything away from the X900H since it does deliver very good overall picture quality.

      HDTVs and More

      • Thanks for your prompt advice.

        • You welcome.

        • John A Karpinski

          Trying to decide on the 65 inch Sony 950H ($1500) vs Sony 900H ($1000) vs Samsung Q80T ($1700).

          Living room / kitchen area so kind a bright. Casual gaming.

          Price not an issue. Just don’t want to “overbuy” for things I can’t actually see

          Advice appreciated

          • Hi John,

            All of the TVs you mentioned will perform well in a reasonably bright room. And since you are a casual gamer you may not be too concerned about having HDMI 2.1 which the X900H and Q80T do offer and will allow for a better gaming experience. If you want the best in picture quality, I would go with the X950H or Q80T which both deliver excellent performance in this area. But, if picture quality is not a top priority, then go with the X900H, which by the way delivers very good picture quality, just not as good as the X950 and Q80T.

            HDTVs and More

      • I bought a 55 Sony 900H at the same time as a 65 Samsung Last years model (better chip than the new 2020’s) Qled Q60T. I’m trying to like the Sony but the Samsung is so much more enjoyable to watch. Although I like the Sony’s interface…I believe since theres a lesser processing chip than the X1 extreme chip in the 950H, it doesnt do a good job with standard def or even 1080. Also the lower Nit rating of the 900H makes a huge difference. Just my 2 cents. I’m returning it for a Sony 900f that was on a deal from Bestbuy.

  • Hi Milton : ) I’m a huge fan of your reviews and website. I’m doubting between X950H or X900H. Most of time it gonna be used like a PC Windows monitor. I’m a casual gamer. Maybe next console generation I will play a little bit more (PS5 & Xbox Series X). I watch some HBO & Netflix streaming (I have my dedicated room projection for movies).

    So I’m thinking on 65″ inch TV. What do you prefer for PC Windows, some videogames (I’m not hardcore gamer) and 4K HDR streaming A/V content? X950H or X900H?

    • Hi Shinji,

      I don’t use TVs as PC monitors, just a personal choice, so I won’t be of much help in this area. For gaming, the X900H has the advantage, that’s if you use its VRR rate technology. As for 4K HDR streaming, the X950H has better performance in my opinion.

      Since I’m not big on video gaming, yet on the other hand, love to watch 4K HDR content, my personal choice of the two models would be the X950H.

      Thanks for being a fan. Much appreciated.

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  • how do you compare the x950H to the q80T (for a sports/netflix/movies/tv shows usage)
    I hear about motion handling being better with sony and some sort of pwm flicker with samsung could cause headaches and what not? also I have heard sony has a camera and samsung does not which can be privacy related issues for some? just curious about those points if you have input

    • Hi Phil,

      The X950H and Q80T both perform admirably and produce very good results with the content you mentioned. Motion handling is very good on both TVs and I’m reluctant to say that one does a noticeably better job than the other when viewing normal content. As far as PWM, again, both models do a good job managing flicker so headaches shouldn’t be an issue with either model and any possible flicker shouldn’t be noticeable for most people. Furthermore, the Q80T actually performs slightly better at controlling flicker.

      To the best of my knowledge, the X950H does not have a built-in camera. And I wasn’t aware of any such device when evaluating this TV.

      HDTVs and More

      • Thanks for the reply. I still haven’t pulled the trigger. How much difference would I see with the 900H processor vs the 950h processor for cable sports?

        • Hi Phillip,

          With cable sports, you should see a bit more detail, clarity, and image transparency in addition to lesser amounts of video artifacts on the X950H. However, this will be heavily dependant on the quality of the cable source you are watching, especially in the case of video artifacts.

          HDTVs and More

      • as a follow up, for the money (for someone who is movies, netflix, and sports only/no gaming) is the extra espense for the q80t/950h gonna show a major diff than the 900h? coming from a ru80000

        • Hi Phillip

          You will see a very noticeable difference with the content you are referring to when comparing the X900H to the Q80T and X950H. And, in my opinion, it is worth the extra expense.

          HDTVs and More

  • Hi MIlton: FIrst Time I read any of your reviews because I have just bought the SONY X900H 85″ from Best Buy here in Florida for $2499 + Tax and free delivery. I chose it because we only watch movies and stream a bit but almost never watch live TV and the price was excellent compared to the X950H which is $3799 a wopping $1300 more. I believe in the store doing a side by side comparison of both you are correct, the X950H has a slight sharper/brighter picture but other than that since I do not game at all, I couldn’t see much difference. At home there will only be 1 TV on my wall in an ambient lit room with very low lighting so I think it should be fine. I have read a few reviews regarding the banding that “may” occur on the 900 but for $1300 I am willing to take that chance and hope that I will not be too disappointed. I hope I made the right choice. Thank you for your informative and thorough review. It definitely was enlightening.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your comments and checking out this review. Glad you found it useful. The X900H does have the technology to help fight any potential banding. That said, you made a good choice in the X900H. Enjoy your new TV.

      HDTVs and More

  • I bought Sony XBR-X900H in July. I have difficulty with this TV, quality of picture and sound is amazing however I believe there is software issue with this TV. my Tv once a day or more restarted by itself and sometimes making some noise and then restart. I called Sony customer service and they were amazing and helpful. Finally sent me a new one and install it today, after one hour I got the same issue.
    Anyone have any idea or has the same issue that I have?

    • Hi Masoud,

      It’s unfortunate you’re having issues with your X900H. I’m sure you’ve done a software update, right? I haven’t heard of this issue being reported by anyone else, but that’s not to say it isn’t happening with other owners of the X900H. if so hopefully they will see your comments and chime in.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hi Milton,

    I just purchased a Sony 900H from Best Buy. It has not yet been delivered. My question is regarding the audio. Does this model have good audio and is the audio loud, since I am somewhat hard of hearing? I noticed in the specs that the speakers are only 10 watts each. I would prefer not to spend on a sound-bar, if possible.

    Also, since I do not have a trained eye, would the 900H be as good as the 950H to me? My vision is not that great either.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Arthur,

      The audio quality on the X900H is decent but not great. It will also play very loud. And depending on your hearing capability, you should be able to decern the audio output just fine. Since you have said you don’t have good vision, you may have a difficult time seeing the picture quality enhancements the X950 as to offer. But I can’t be certain about that.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hi Milton,
    I’m currently looking for a new tv for a movie room (it will also be used for a little bit of gaming on the next gen consoles). I saw the x950h and saw how amazing it is for movies but it lacks the hdmi 2.1 support. Do you know of any other tv’s with the same picture quality, detail and color as the x950 but while also having support for hdmi 2.1? (preferably within the same price range as the 55inch x950)

    • Hi Dylan,

      I would recommend Samsung’s Q80T. It has excellent overall picture quality and is a very fine performer with movies. It has similar picture quality in the areas you spoke of (detail and color) and also has support for HDMI 2.1. However, it is a bit more costly than the X950H. The 55″ Q80T is approximately $100 more than the 55″ X950H.

      HDTVs and More

  • Excellent review! It’s making me like the Sony x900H even more. I am looking to purchase a 65” tv soon, and going back and forth a few different models, comparing them all, and waiting for a great sale on the right tv. The following models are what I’m looking at, how would you rank them?: Sony x900h, TCL 8-series (2019), TCL 6-series (2020), Vizio P-series Quantum (2020). Furthermore if I can find the Sony x950H at an incredible price on sale, I would prolly choose that, lol. Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Hi Jake,

      Glad you liked the review. Thank you.

      Your list has fine performing TVs. However, at this time, I have only reviewed the Sony X900H and X950H. So I really can’t give a complete ranking on the models you listed. However, I would choose the X950H over the X900H for its better overall picture quality. That’s not to take away anything from the X900H, since it offers very good picture quality. I did review 2019 models of the TCL 6-Series and Vizio’s P-Series Quantum. Of those to models, I preferred the picture of the P-Series Quantum.

      HDTVs and More

  • Thank you very much for this review. I currently have a 75″ 900E and have been considering getting either a 85″ 900H or a 77″ CX for our family room (not a theater setup). Primary uses for the TV are live sports, general TV and a small amount of gaming from my son. The room is large and opens to our kitchen, and is reasonably bright in the afternoon when the sun is on that side of the house. I know the LG is better overall, but weighing that against the larger size. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for appreciating the review.

      Personally, my choice would be the LG CX simply because the CX’s OLED display will provide better picture quality than the X900H. The smaller screen size of the CX is worth the trade-off in having better picture quality in my opinion. You also mentioned that your viewing area is reasonably bright in the afternoon which means the X900H’s brighter picture image will be easier to see, however, the CX should still offer a picture image that will be easy to see in your bright room as long as there is no light being reflected off the screen.

      Hope this helps.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hello, Milton. Great review. I wanted to ask does 49″version of X950H have better contrast compared to 55″ model since it doesn’t have X -wide angle tech? Also, does it have 48 dimming zones like bigger versions? Thank you.

    • Hi RBruce,

      Glad you enjoyed the review. Thank you.
      Spec-wise the 49″ X950H may have better contrast than the other screen sizes that use the X-Wide technology, but I can’t be certain of this without actually comparing the 49″ version to the larger models.

      As far as the dimming zones, I can only assume it could have fewer zones due to its smaller screen size, or it could be the same. Sony usually doesn’t disclose its dimming zones to the public unlike some manufactures that do and what you typically find is that the larger the screen size the more dimming zones to accommodate the larger screen size to achieve proper performance.

      HDTVs and More

      • Thank you very much for your answer. In my country price differences between x900h vs x950h (55″inch models ) are now around 400 euros. I like watching movies and I’m casual gamer. Do you think that it’s worth to pay 400 euros more for x950h or x900h is enough ? I also plan to buy PS5 (also for casual gaming and 4K Blu ray movies). Thank you again. Keep up the good work.

        • Hi RBruce,

          Personally, I think the X950H is worth the extra money due to its notable increase in overall picture quality when compared to the X900H. That being said, the X900H has very good picture quality, and it certainly offers more than enough where performance is concerned and I could live happily with this model if the X950H wasn’t an option.

          Since you plan on buying a PS5, the X900H will be able to take advantage of all the advanced gaming features it will have to offer. Whereas the X950H will not. Just something to keep in mind.

          HDTVs and More

  • Thank you very much for your thorough review. I have some questions I am hoping you can help me with.

    I currently have a Sony 900E and I am very happy with the picture quality. However, I’d like a new 120 hz tv to play upcoming Xbox Series X games at 120 fps. I see that the 900H has been updated to provide this?

    My main question is, will the 900H be an upgrade, visually, over my 900E?

    On top of that, I think I read that the 900H doesn’t support dolby vision with 120 hz at the same time, is this correct?

    What do you think would be the best gaming tv that would offer 120fps within this similar price range? I am looking at a 49″-55″. I am not 100% brand loyal to Sony but I do like my 900E.

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi David,

      Where video gaming is concerned, the X900H will have better picture quality over the X900E.

      From my understanding, the X900H will process Dolby Vision signals at 120Hz with the exception of 120Hz Dobly Visions signals from a PC. Sony does not allow the X900H to process DV PC signals.

      The Sony X900H is a good 120Hz gaming TV. You may also consider Samsung’s Q80T and Q70T models. You should also take a look at LG’s 55″ Nano90UNA.

      Thank you for appreciating this review.

      HDTVs and More

  • I am looking at 55 inches TV and confused between LG Nano91 and SonyX9000h (I guess it is the same as X90H or X900H).
    I felt that the colours were close to true colours on LG than on Sony. Especially the reds – in Sony, the reds were brighter and hence looked to have an orange-ish tinge.
    On the other hand, the sharpness of images were better on Sony. In my region, LG was the expensive one between the two.

    I searched for a detailed review of Nano91 on this page. In another comment above you did choose X900h over Nano91. Any specific reason for that?

    • Hi Sharath,

      The X90H and X900H are the same TVs as you suspected. And the model names are region-specific.
      I chose the Sony over the LG due to the X900H’s much better contrast and black level performance when compared to the LG Nano90 (Nano91). The LG model uses an IPS panel which doesn’t produce great contrast and black levels.

      Thanks for your comments.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hi Milton. Excellent review. I’m looking for a 55 inch 4k tv for my living room. Confused between Sony X900H vs Sony A8G and Samsung Q80T. I know I’m comparing two different technologies. I prefer an android compatible version along with good picture quality and sound for regular movie streaming from OTT. No gaming! At the same time I’m worried about OLED screen longevity. Can you suggest the top one among these three? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Kamath,

      Any of these TVs would make a good choice…they offer from very good to excellent picture quality and are equipped with very nice features. For me personally, my top pick would be Sony’s A8G due to its superior OLED picture quality. At this point in time, no one really knows how long OLED TVs will last since the technology is still young. Personally, I wouldn’t let that be a deciding factor on whether or not to purchase an OLED TV. The A8G will also give you the best sound quality of the three.

      HDTVs and More

      • Hi Milton,

        Thank you. I had a look at the X900H once again and decided to go with it. OLED looks definitely better in terms of brightness and colour but in isolation 900H looks great too. Wide angle and acoustic sound is something which is lacking in X900H but there are certain other features lacking in the A8G too.

        Thank you

        • Hi Kamath,

          You made a good choice in the X900H. And in the end, all that matters is what’s most appealing to you. Enjoy your new X900H.

          HDTVs and More

  • HI Milton,

    Great review on the X900H. I am still a bit confused between Sony X series and Samsung QLED TVs. As i am confused between HDR10+ and Dolby Vision which is better for 4K Netflix.

    I don’t play games. I mostly watch Netflix, YouTube and HBO.

    In my country the X900H is US$220 cheaper than X950H.
    X950H and Q70T is same price.
    And Q60T is US$360 cheaper than X900H.

    Should I get X950H for better picture quality?
    Or get the basic Q60T at a lower cost and still allow good picture on 4K Netflix and HBO?
    I know Q60T has lower picture quality as compared to X900H or Q70T.

    Is Android TV better than Samsung Tizen?
    Lesser apps in Samsung?

    Much appreciated if can provide some advice.

    Thank you

    • Hi Vincent,

      To answer your HDR format question, Dolby Vision is technically better than HDR10+. Dolby Vision allows for up to 12-bit color which describes the amount of graduations of colors in an image and translates to a more realistic picture image. 12-bit can produce 68.7 Billion colors. HDR10+ allows for up to 10-bit color and 1.07 Billion colors.

      Currently, there are no 12-bit panels to take advantage of 12-bit color. So this makes Dolby Vision’s technical advantages less of an issue.

      Dolby Vision and HDR10+ content can look very similar and one can have picture quality advantages over the other depending on the content you are viewing and how it was mastered. HDR10+ content tends to be brighter, with better shadow detail, whereas, Dolby Vision can have better contrast and color saturation, again, this depends on what you are watching and how it was mastered.

      Netflix does not support HDR10+, but does support Dolby Vision and HDR10.

      I would personally go with the Sony X950H for its better picture quality over the x900H, especially for only a $200 price difference.

      As far as the Andriod and Samsung Tizen smart TV platform, in my opinion, its a matter of personal preference as they both have good interfaces and have great entertainment option.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hi Milton,

    Great review. Was still on 2nd thoughts for Sony TV before reading your review. But now torn between X900H and X950H.

    As I don’t play any games so will be using the TV mainly for watching TV shows and movies. And I don’t watch in a dark room.
    Which of the two is a better investment.

    There must be a reason why X950H is price slightly higher than X900H since it does not have HDMI 2.1.

    Thank you.

    • Hi KeithO,

      The X950H has noticeably better picture quality due to its better picture-enhancing features as well as having a better processor which puts it in a higher price class which of course is by design. You will notice better overall picture quality with the X950H with TV shows and even more so with movies. So if you don’t mind spending the extra cash, the X950H is the better investment in my opinion.

      Thanks for your compliments on the review. Much appreciated.

      HDTVs and More

      • Hi Milton,

        Thank you for your advice and comments.

        Can I say that HDMI 2.1 is not really required if I don’t play games?


        • Hi KeithO,

          Yes, you are correct about the HDMI 2.1 specification with the exception of not being able to process 4K @120Hz/fps content which is also an HDMI 2.1 requirement.

          HDTVs and More

          • Hi Milton,

            Would like to know if Netflix Calibrated Mode is a marketing gimmick or it really enhance the Netflix picture quality but must subscribed to the 4K plan?

            Thank you.

          • Hi Kietho,

            No, Netflix Calibrated Mode is not a gimmick and is actually another picture mode setting on your TV and applies only and to all Netflix content regardless of your plan. There is nothing you have to subscribe to. However, your TV must support Netflix Calibrated Mode. When this mode is turned on, the picture image will appear not as bright or vibrant, which some viewers may not like. So, in the end, it comes down to personal preference as to whether or not Netflix Calibrated Mode is a feature you will enjoy using.

            HDTVs and More

  • Hi Milton,

    Thanks for a great review! If price wasn’t an issue would you go with the 75 inch models over the 65, given the choice? The X900 looks very tempting to me, as it gives you some future-proofing with ATSC 3.0. Is the X950 picture unequivocally superior, or is it more subtle?

    I am looking to upgrade from a 50 inch Pioneer Elite 720p plasma, which still looks fantastic, but can replace a home heater in the winter and buzzes like a cheap motel neon sign on contrasty scenes.

    • Hi Allegator,

      Thanks for your compliments on the review. Much appreciated.

      When it comes down to screen size, for me, bigger is always better and allows for a more immersive viewing experience. If you don’t think the lack of an ATSC 3.0 tuner will be an issue for you now or in the near future, then I would go for the X950H for its better picture quality which is quite obvious, yet still doesn’t put the X900H to shame, in other words, the X900H has very good picture quality.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hi Milton,

    I am buying a TV especially for PS5. I like pictures quality of X950H. My assumption is that most of the games on PS5 are targeted towards 60 fps at 4k. So should I get X950H or X900H. Samsung Frame 2020 TV is one more option. Which one to consider? I like picture quality of X950H that’s why I am confused.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Abhijeet Upadhye

    • Hi Abhijeet,

      If you desire the best in picture quality of the TVs you mentioned, then go with the X950H which by the way is also a good TV for gaming. However, if you don’t mind sacrificing a bit in picture quality but also gain all the latest advanced gaming features then go with the X900H.
      If indeed most PS5 games are produced at 4K 60fps, I’m sure in time, more games will be released at the higher 120Hz frame rate.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hi Milton,

    Excellent review. The 900h firmware update has been released. There were reports this week that Xbox series x games are blurry in 120hz mode. Have you heard anything on this? This makes me nervous choosing the 900H. Seems a waste if I end up having to use 60hz with the 900H. I can do that on the 950H and get better picture quality. Is the 950h good for gaming? I assume it also had a gaming input mode. Thanks!

    • Hi Bernard,

      I have not heard any claims of the Xbox games being blurry in 120Hz mode, but I will look into it. The X950H is a good gaming TV and does have a gaming mode.

      HDTVs and More

  • hi milton,

    how do you compare the x850g to the x900h (Netflix/movies/sports)
    i just bought a 65 inch x850g and im not satisfied with the contrast specially when i watch movie in a dark room . my question is ,is it worth to replace it with X900h for overall picture quality ?
    Much appreciated if can provide some advice

    Thank you .

    • Hi peyman,

      As you discovered the 65″ X850G has insufficient contrast and black levels when viewing in a dark room. This is due to the use of an IPS panel. The 85″ X850G uses a VA panel which will provide much better contrast.
      For sports content, the X850G delivers good picture quality since most sporting events are shot in a brightly lit environment or outdoor daylight.

      For overall picture quality, the X900H does a better job in my opinion and experience, and would be my choice between the two models you mention here. The X900H uses a VA panel and delivers very good contrast when viewing dark content in a dark room.

      HDTVs and More

  • Sup Milt…
    Black Friday 2020…BestBuy has the 950h for $1399 and the 900X for $999. I wanna pull the trigger on one of these…

    My local BB doesn’t have the 900x in stock…and it’s really tempting to just pull the trigger on the 950.

    BB had both next to each other and beyond Fit/Finish (the 950 is better for sure), I couldn’t tell a diff in picture…

    The room this TV would go in, has a large window to the outdoor, but the sun never comes in…so I’m not super worried about bright light…

    But heck, i don’t even now what HDR is…lol.
    I don’t even have 4k BluRay (yet)…just regular.

    What makes the 950 remote better?
    Is it worth 4 benjamins more?

    • Hi Larry,

      It sounds like your room set up for either TV won’t be an issue. The X950H and X900H are very good TVs. However, in my opinion, and experience the X950H does deliver a noticeably better picture image. This is not to take away from the X900’s performance which is very commendable.

      HDR enhances a high-def image by increasing picture contrast, peak brightness output and more vivid color rendering for more dynamic picture images when compared to non-HDR content. The remotes are the same model.

      As far as the X950H being worth the extra cash, that is a decision you will have to make. But for me personally, I would go for the X950H.

      HDTVs and More

  • Lots of great Black Friday sales. Would you pick a 77 inch Sony A9G over an 85 inch 950H? Or go with the bigger, more immersive TV? We use primarily for movies in a fairly dark room but sit about 14-15 ft away. We have been leaning towards the larger screen but are tempted to try OLED because of how people rave about it. Is it that much better? I know they are planning 83 inch OLEDs next summer, but I imagine they will be $5k+ for some time. Currently have a 65 inch Sony 900E.

    • Hi Dustin,

      As much as I admire the X950H I would personally go with the OLED A9G due to its better picture quality. Typically OLED TVs can provide substantially better picture quality than LED TVs. There are, however, a few exceptions to this claim as there are a few LED TVs on the market that comes close to OLED picture quality. Samsung’s Q90R is one such model.

      As far as screen size, a 77″ display is large enough for my home viewing. But of course, screen size is all about personal preference and your viewing distance, in my opinion.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hey Milt,

    I can get the x900h 75″ for $200 less than a 65″ x950h. The tv will be in a living room with a large window and sliding glass door and the seating distance will be about 12 – 14 ft from the tv. I currently have a 55″ x900e and have really loved it. Would I be better off getting the larger x900 over the 950?

    • Hi B,

      A larger screen will allow for a more immersive viewing experience, that being said, it all comes down to personal preference in my opinion. For me personally, I would be willing to sacrifice the larger screen size of the X900H in favor of the better picture quality the X950H has to offer.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hi Milton,

    Thank you for your great reviews and thoughtful answers.

    I am deciding between 65″ X950H and Q80T, currently, Samsung is $300 cheaper. I am getting TV for general usage – Netflix, HTPC. Gaming is present but not a priority. Which one would be the best value?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

    • Hi Roman,

      Thanks for your compliments, much appreciated.

      Based on overall picture quality I consider the X950H and Q80T to be closely matched with the edge going to the X950H in my opinion. However, from a gaming standpoint, the Q80T has the advantage due to its advanced gaming features such as VRR, FreeSync and G-SYNC compatibility.

      Since both TVs deliver great picture quality, I will say the Q80T is a better value based on its cost savings.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hi Milton,

    Firstly to compliment you such a simple and amazing review among the sea or must I say Ocean of reviews. The more I read the more I’m getting confused! Your response to each and every query is so helpful and honestly makes it very easy to decide.

    As most of them confused between X900H/X950H vs Q80T/Q90T for a 65″ TV. I haven’t upgraded since my 2007 Sony BRAVIA Series. I ordered the Q80T, then was made aware about this 8 bit panel vs 10 bit panel by the retailer(Not a big store retailer). Apparently Samsung TVs can make lot of difference depending on Panel manufacturer ..AU01 vs TS01 and so.. I googled on SAMSUNG Lottery Panel and was disappointed.
    Heard LG/SONY they do not have this issue..

    Long story short cancelled my order of Q80T and now reading more about X900/X950H as LG OLED BX series are way expensive than these.. Yes I’m budget conscious however for slight difference I’m ok to choose either. I watch mostly movies or regular TV shows and not much in Gaming.

    Which one do you suggest & have you heard about this Samsung Panel thing..!

    • Hi Mpsoni,

      Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated. Its comments like yours that make what I do very rewarding and worthwhile.

      The Samsung Q80T uses 10-bit color depth and processing, but there is a catch…Samsung actually uses a process called Frame Rate Control (FRC) to achieve 10-bit color depth that technically means 8-bit color depth + FRC to achieve 10-bit color. Visually, the effect is genuine and you would most likely not be able to tell the difference between 8-bit FRC and native 10-bit panels. I should also note that 8-bit and 10-bit refers to color depth and processing, not the native panel structure.

      I have heard of the panel lottery which means a particular TV brand may use panels from multiple sources for a given TV model which can and does cause variations in performance. However, I’ve never known it to be a major issue performance-wise with Samsung TVs.

      Sony’s X900H and X950H are good performings TVs. I would personally go with the X950H due to its overall better picture quality. That’s not to take anything away from the X900H, which delivers very good picture quality, and I could happily enjoy this model if I couldn’t obtain the X950H.

      HDTVs and More

  • Greetings from Greece!

    Thank you for this wonderful review and your amazingly thorough replies to all the comments! This is amazing! Keep up the good work.

    I hope that you can help me out too! I am about to replace my Samsung 65KS8000 2016 TV (for some time now the bottom edge of the screen is full of awful bleeding).

    The viewing distance is 3.7 meters and it’s pretty obvious that I need a quite larger TV in order to enjoy a good picture especially in 4K.

    I am thinking about Sony X900H, Sony X950h (both 85″ priced 2,500 and 3,200 euros respectively) or the LG 77CX at 3,500 euros. What do I watch? Content is a mix as follows: regular TV channels (30%), sports (20%), Netflix (25%), movies from media or blu-ray player both HD and 4K (25%). And let’s say 5-6 hours gaming per month.
    I am aware of LG’s superiority but I am a bit worried of oled’s long term condition, and wondering if Sony’s 8 inch bigger screens would make any substantial difference.

    I would appreciate it if you could give me your thoughts.

    • Hi Manos

      Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated.

      The three models you mentioned here are all very good TVs. Performance-wise, as you mentioned, the LG CX has the best overall picture quality due to its OLED technology. The Sony X950H places second in overall picture quality followed by the X900H. Either model will serve you well for your viewing habits, however, the X900H and CX will have the edge with video gaming due to those models having advanced gaming features. As far as screen size, both the 77″ and 85″ sizes will give you a very immersive viewing experience, however, if you desire those extra inches of viewing real estate then go with the larger screen size.

      Personally, I don’t worry or have any concerns about OLED’s longevity since I believe it’s a very solid technology that should have a long life span, in my opinion.

      To sum things up, my choice would be the LG 77CX due to its superior picture quality and the 77″ screen size would be large enough for my viewing enjoyment.

      Hope this helps with your buying decision.

      HDTVs and More

  • Very nice and helpful review and contrast between the two Sony TVs. I have a question regarding the IMAX enhanced feature. According to Sony’s website they both are an IMAX enhanced supported Tv; can you confirm that??

    Thank you so much for the great review!

    • Hi Brian,

      Glad to hear you found this review helpful.

      To the best of my knowledge, the X900H does not support IMAX Enhanced technology.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hi Milton,

    I would appreciate your thoughts on these two models – Samsung 75Q90T vs Sony 75X950H. I find your reviews extrmely helpful and your answers to these posts even more so. Thank you for taking the time to do so.

    Some additional info / questions – this is based on my research and the reason I am struggling with this final decision:

    Whichever TV we choose, Gaming is not a consideration. The TV will be used for normal DirecTV, Streaming Services (Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, HBOMax, Hulu, FuboTV, etc.). So the TV will be for viewing content.

    The reviews I have read say:

    Samsung is way better for wide viewing angles but not clear to me how much better than the Sony.
    Head-to-Head, which do you think provides better picture quality at different times during the day (aka when the room is bright and at night when the room is dark)?
    Some of the reviews rave about Sony’s color and motion technology, and most of the reviews really like the Samsung Q90T, but not sure if any of the picture processing is actually visible to the native eye after the TV is properly set up.
    Some say Sony handles motion and sports better, and some say it’s a wash….live sports are also very important.

    Finally, it does get confusing when thinking about HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. The former with Samsung and the latter with Sony. Do you have an opinion on this topic?

    I also know some people would be thinking about HDMI 2.1, but I believe that is just for gaming, which we don’t care about, but let me know if I am incorrect with that assumption and we should actually be thinking about HDMI 2.1 for some future use.

    Anyway, I was leaning towards the Samsung 75Q90T earlier in the week and have since started to lean towards the Sony 75X950H. But I don’t want to make a mistake here and if I keep researching I’m going to continue down this rabbit hole.

    Your input would be very much welcomed and appreciated.



    • Hi Mark,

      I will try and cover each of the areas of your concern.

      As far as content is concerned, your viewing preferences can be fully enjoyed on both TVs.

      Both the Q90T and X950H use technology to improve wide viewing angles. However, Samsung’s Q90T does a marginally better job in my opinion. It’s not a “night and day” difference.

      Although I didn’t do a comparison between the Q90T and X950H, my research has shown the Q90T gets the nod for better overall picture quality. Yet again, the differences aren’t night and day. The Q90T has better contrast and black levels and more local dimming zones which allows it to deliver better performance in a dark room setting. The Q90T also delivers a brighter picture. However, in a bright room, both TVs do a good job and would be more evenly matched.

      Color reproduction is excellent on both TVs with the Samsung delivering a slightly richer color palette whereas Sony obtains a more accurate color presentation in my opinion. I actually prefer the X950H’s more “natural appearance” approach to color rendering.

      In my opinion and experience, Sony’s motion handling ability does a better job than Samsung’s. Nevertheless, Samsung’s motion handling is very good.

      Dolby Vision and HDR10+ both can do a very good job with HDR content. And depending on the content and how it’s mastered, Dolby Vision may appear better than HDR10+ and vice-versa.

      As you mentioned, HDMI 2.1 is important for gaming with Next-Gen gaming consoles such as the PS5. However, HDMI 2.1 will also be desired when 4K 120fps over-the-air TV broadcast becomes available.

      With that said, the choice is up to you Mark, and either way, you will not make a mistake whether you choose the Q90T or X950H. Nevertheless, I hope my input does help your final decision a bit easier.

      I appreciate the fact you find the info on this website to be useful. Thank you.

      HDTVs and More

  • just wanted to say it’s so nice of you to take the time to respond to people’s questions. I just got the 900h that replaced a Samsung TU 850 that I had for a week,it just didn’t handle the motion for me the way I like it. I need the strong soap opera effect as anything less makes me dizzy from the blurred background scenes when panning. the pix was great on the Samsung but the Sony does better motion handling, just bummed it costs me about $500 more just for better motion handling. ever compare these two models?

    • Hi Jeff,

      I try to do my best at answering comments to help my readers. Thanks for your appreciation.

      As you stated, the X900H does handle motion very well. I have never compared the two models, but I am willing to say the X900H will have better motion handling and better overall picture quality than the TU850 in my opinion.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hello, trying to decide between 85″ 950h vs 900h. I am hoping pricing drops on both of these soon since the release of the x90j and x95j are coming up. I would for sure consider the x90j but unfortunately no 85″ model, and the x95j just too costly.

    My main use will be a home theater room. Mostly movie watching either on uhd/bluray/streaming. Some PS5 gaming, but 2.1 not a deal breaker. The theater room will be very dark watching movies and seating positions are directly in front of tv (no extreme side seating). At what angle does it really start to make a difference for this x-wide viewing angle?

    I have read so many reviews on each of these. Seems to me the main differences I would be interested in are hdmi 2.1, processer, and viewing angle. Price difference right now is $1500 CAD between these two 85″ tvs, very significant. I want this to be my TV for the next 5 years or so, but I am struggling to justify such a price difference on the x950h for processor alone? Either would be a notable upgrade from my current 80″ Sharp Aquos!

    Thoughts? Thanks!

    • Hi Mark,

      Both the X950H and X900H are very good TVs. However, in my opinion, and experience the X950H has noticeably better overall picture quality. The X950H has more going for it than just the better processor that makes it a better choice in my opinion. For example, the X950H has better peak brightness and black levels, slightly better color reproduction, and better wide-angle viewing. Generally speaking, the X950H image provides more dynamic punch which makes for a more vibrant picture image.

      Viewing the X950H at 45 degrees angles maintains very good off-axis viewing and suffers minimal color saturation and contrast loss. At angles greater than 45 degrees the X950H still has decent wide-angle viewing performance.

      That said, the X950H is worth the extra cost in my opinion and would meet all your viewing requirements.

      HDTVs and More

  • Milton,
    You do a great job of advising readers but leaving it up to them as to what will be best for their situation. I am replacing my Panasonic 55GT30 which had a great picture. It unfortunately now has the 7 blinking red lights of death otherwise I would not be looking for a new one. I am undecided between the X950H and the A8H. I am worried that the OLED may be too dark and will crush some details with the blacks which I have seen on some online reviews of OLEDs. We are not gamers but enjoy sports of all kinds as well as streaming movies and blu ray. The Panasonic was 3D which I will really miss. Our room is well lit but not bright, off axis viewing is not an issue. Unfortunately, I am not able to do a side by side comparison due to pandemic lock downs.
    Which would you suggest? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

    • Hi Greg,

      Thank you for your thoughtful words. Much appreciated.

      Both of these TVs provide great performance, however, if you’re looking for the best in overall picture quality I would go with the A8H. That said, I’m not taking anything away from the X950H. In fact, I personally own a 65″ X950H and love its picture quality. But when compared to the A8H, the X950H falls short by comparison. OLED’s infinite contrast and absolute black levels and richer color palette give the A8H more dynamic punch and realism that is hard to beat by an LED TV in my opinion.

      As far as black crush is concerned, the A8H will have minimal black crush or none at all depending on the content you are viewing. So I would not be overly concerned about this issue. The X950H will have a brighter picture when compared to the A8H, yet it will have no performance issues in your room lighting conditions, which means you will not have an issue with light interfering with the picture quality of the A8H.

      Hope this helps with your purchase decision.

      HDTVs and More

  • 1st time visitor to your site. Was amazed at the quality of your information. Also quite impressed with the depth you respond to questions. Based on that I am looking for some guidance on selecting a replacement for our Samsung 55″ Series 800 in our home in MA. Less than 3 years old and the “One Control” box had stopped working.

    We have both a Sony 900H 65″ and 49″ in our home in FL. To say we are extremely satisfied with both sets is an understatement. Absolutely very happy with both 900’s. Just purchased a 55″ 90J (BestBuy sales person said it was the replacement for the 900) and it is not up to the quality we are used to in FL

    Now have to make a choice between the 65″ 900 and 950 (only $200 difference – which is not a factor). Even at the same price I am at a loss as to which to purchase. Our viewing is virtually 100% Streaming (no sports/gaming – just movies/series).
    Would greatly appreciate your thoughts.
    Thanks again for all your hard work – it is appreciated/values

    • Hi Jack,

      Thank you very much for your kind words of appreciation. Its comments like yours that make what I do so fulfilling.

      I would definitely go with the X950H. It is a much better TV in my opinion and experience. The overall picture quality is noticeably better and you will certainly see a difference when compared to the X900H with the type of content you typically view.

      HDTVs and More

  • Hi,
    First I would like to thank you on the reviews you provide!!
    I have an Xbox Series X and 120Hz,VRR and ALM would definitely be a good choice to make and so a Sony 65x900h would be a good choice (65xh9096 in my country).
    But I’m having doubts because of one thing, price!!
    I can buy a Sony 65x950h(65xh9505) cheaper then 65x900h.
    At this moment I can get it at 999€ for the 65x950h vs 1129€ for the 65x900h…
    On one side you have the gaming features, on the other image quality…but the higher end model is cheaper 😅
    Any opinion on this?!?

    Thank you for reading my message

    • Hi Sergio,

      I’m actually surprised to hear the 65″ X950 is cheaper than the 65″ X900H in your country and I’m not sure why… it may be because of the gaming features the X900H offers over the X950H. Or, your country may have a large surplus of the X950H on hand.

      That being said, if you truly desire to get the best gaming performance out of your Xbox Series X then go with the X900H. On the other hand, if you want better picture quality go with the X950H.

      HDTVs and More

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