Watch First 8K NASA Video from Space

International Space Station

Download Impressive NASA 8K HDR Video for Free

Sure, 8K TVs were the big rage at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and these stunning picture producing beauties will be available this year for anyone who has the mountains of cash needed to obtain one of these 8K-wonders.

Currently, there isn’t much of anything in the form of native 8K content to watch on an 8K TV at this time, and it will most likely be this way for the foreseeable future as there are no content providers ready to begin pushing 8K content out to consumers.

However, if you want to whet your 8K appetite and get a small taste of viewing true 8K video on your new 8K display, then NASA has just the thing for you…

NASA recently created an impressive short video shot in space aboard the International Space Station (ISS) that can be downloaded here. However, this version may not play on your 8K TV as discovered by Florian Friedrich (a developer how does software products for HDR mastering) when he tried to play the original download file from NASA’s website on a Samsung 75″ Q900 8K TV. Friedrich states this problem was due to the whole encoding not being optimized for playback with CE-devices: wrong video levels, incompatible MPEG profile and critical bitrate.

To view the video on the Samsung display, Friedrich had to re-encode (reformat) the video for optimal playback, and during this process, he decided to remaster the footage in HDR using the HDR10 High Dynamic Range and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) High Dynamic Range formats.

Friedrich’s 8K TV-friendly version of NASA’s footage can be downloaded from his website here. All you’ll need to do to get it is enter a name and email address to receive his newsletter.

If you don’t have an 8K TV yet – as I’m sure most of us don’t at this time- Friedrich also provides 4K HDR resolution versions of NASA’s space footage included in the download package that you can use to check out on your 4K TV. The download also includes a P3 SDR Wide Color Gamut version.


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