Google Play Recently Added More 4K Movie Titles

Google Play store

Looking for more 4K content to watch on your 4K TV? Then head on over to the Google Play store which recently announced it has added more than 125 Ultra HD movies to its selection of streaming movie and television programs.

A few of the latest titles you can now stream to your 4K TV include GhostbustersStar Trek Beyond and The Secret Life of Pets. Some titles are currently available for both renting and buying; for example, Star Trek Beyond and Ghostbusters both rent for $7.99, or can be purchased for $29.99, while other titles may be only available for purchase.

In order to stream Google Play’s 4K content, you’ll need a 4K-capable device such as Chromecast Ultra, and/or a compatible 4K Ultra HD TV that must be able to decode the VP9 video compression coding format. Smart TVs are beginning to add the VP9 format which competes directly with the industry standard HEVC/H.265 coding format for decoding Ultra HD content.

Thanks in part to Google Play, your choice of available 4K UHD movies has expanded and will continue in this direction as the popularity of 4K TVs and the content to watch on them grows among consumers.

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