Netflix – Now Streaming 4K

house of cards

Last month Netflix started streaming 4K content. However, at this time their offerings are very limited. Available now is the original series House of Cards: Season 2 and a few nature films. They will be adding more of their shows later this year. And eventually, all of their original shows will be in 4K.

To stream this content you will need a 2014 model Ultra HDTV with a built-in H.265/HEVC decoder. Netflix recommends available bandwidth from your internet service provider to be at least 20Mbps to get the highest quality 4K experience, even though the stream is close to 16 Mbps. The extra bandwidth allows for the variables of service you may experience from your broadband provider, according to Netflix.

I recently spoke with a Netflix representative regarding the pricing of their 4K service. And I’m happy to report its part of their standard $7.99 a month streaming service. (Update: Netflix has increased the price of their streaming service to $8.99 a month for new customers).

With 4K streaming service from Netflix now available and with other providers soon to follow, 2014 just may be the year to jump on the 4K bandwagon, that’s if you have been holding off due to lack of available content.

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