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65QM850G 120Hz Smart Google TV

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Review Summary

Product Name: QM850G

Product Description: Mini-LED ULTRA | QLED – Quantum Dot Technology with UltraWide Color Gamut | Full Array ULTRA Local Dimming | Game Accelerator 240 for Up to 240 VRR Gaming | High Brightness ULTRA LED Backlight with Up to 2,000 Peak Nits | Game Accelerator 240 for Up to 240 VRR Gaming | HDR ULTRA (Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, HDR10, & HLG) | TCL AIPQ Engine with Deep Learning AI | Built-in 802.11ax Wi-Fi6E

Brand: TCL

  • TCL QM8

Performance Summary - 65" model

Note: For the most accurate picture quality, use the “Movie” mode and “Warm” color temperature settings. However, this is just a recommendation. Use whichever picture settings that look best to your own eyes.


  • Mini LED backlighting
  • Excellent local dimming algorithm – Full-array backlighting with local dimming (65” 1,080 dimming zones)
  • Note: the 75″ model contains 1,920 dimming zones | the 85” and 98 models contain 2,300 dimming zones
  • *High peak brightness – SDR 10% window 2076 nits/HDR 10% window 2,005 nits
  • High brightness output – Good for watching TV shows and sporting events in a bright room
  • Outstanding contrast and black levels – allows for deep black levels
  • Great blooming performance -minimizes halos around white text (subtitles) and bright white objects in dark scenes.
  • Very good black screen uniformity
  • Out-of-box color reproduction is good and allows for a rich and vibrant color palette. Color accuracy can be improved with calibration. Excellent HDR wide color gamut
  • Excellent picture detail, clarity, and image depth transparency
  • Good reflection handling, so screen glare shouldn’t be an issue in a brightly lit room
  • Good motion handling with fast action content including sports
  • Great gaming TV – has all the latest gaming features
  • Low input lag: approx. 14.0 ms with 1080p @ 60Hz and 4K @ 60Hz signals | 14.0 ms with 1080p @ 120Hz signal |6.3 ms 4K @ 120Hz signal
  • Google TV smart TV platform
  • Wi-Fi 6E connectivity



  • Narrow viewing angles. Not ideal for rooms with wide seating arrangements. Picture quality will suffer from contrast and color saturation loss.
  • 4K upscaling video processing is inadequate. Meaning 1080p and other lower resolution content won’t be as refined, detailed, or as sharp as other major brands such as Sony and Samsung via the upscaling process. However, this should be a minor issue with 1080p content since 1808p is already of high-quality resolution.
  • A bit pricey for a budget brand manufacturer


TCL’s QM8 line is the company’s premium flagship models which are proving to be some of the best TVs TCL has produced to date. The QM8 lineup is receiving very positive reviews from enthusiasts and consumers alike, as well as TV reviewers like me.

The QM8 series is available in 65” ($1.699), 75” ($1,799), 85” ($2,799) and 98” ($11,999) screen sizes. TCL has been known in the industry as a budget brand TV manufacturer, but with the current pricing of the QM8 series, they are definitely not what I would consider budget-priced displays, and are somewhat expensive when compared to other budget brands. However, once you see one of these TVs in action you may be convinced they are worth the price of admission.

This review focuses on the 65” model, yet the results here can be applied to the other screen sizes in the QM8 lineup.

TCL QM8 side view

Side View


Model year: 2023

The QM8 is a good-looking display and features a thin bezel design typically found on modern-day flat-panel TVs. The screen (panel) contains a glossy finish and is illuminated with mini-LEDs. The 65” model is said to contain 1080 local dimming zones.

The panel is supported by a center-mount pedestal design stand. The stand is made of metal and supports the TV well, with minimal panel wobble. The stand is adjustable with “low” and “raised” positions.

The back panel is made of plastic and houses a small woofer (speaker). Overall, the QM8 has very good build quality and doesn’t feel are appear cheaply made.

Product Features

  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • QLED – Quantum Dot Technology with UltraWide Color Gamut
  • High Brightness ULTRA LED Backlight with Up to 2,000 Peak Nits
  • Full Array ULTRA Local Dimming – 1,080 Dimming Zones 65” model
  • 120Hz Panel Refresh Rate
  • Motion Rate 480 with MEMC Frame Insertion
  • Game Accelerator 240 for Up to 240 VRR Gaming
  • HDR ULTRA (Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, HDR10, & HLG)
  • TCL AIPQ Engine with Deep Learning AI
  • Google TV Smart OS with Hands-Free Voice Control and Backlit Voice Remote
  • Auto Game Mode (ALLM) with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
  • IMAX Enhanced Certification
  • Built-in Subwoofer
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • FullView Metal Bezel-less Design with Height Adjustable Pedestal Stand
  • DTS Virtual: X
  • Bluetooth Personal Audio
  • Chromecast Built-in
  • Apple Airplay2
  • Works with: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit
TCL QM8 rear connection ports

Rear Ports


  • 4 HDMI inputs – HDMI 1 – 4K@120Hz/ HDMI 2 – 4K@144Hz | two 2.0 4K@60Hz | HDCP 2.2 compliant
  • 1 USB input – 2.0
  • 1 RCA audio/video composite input (adaptor required)
  • 1 Digital optical audio output
  • 1 RF input for cable/satellite TV
  • 1 Ethernet (LAN) Input
  • eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) HDMI 4
  • Built-in 802.11ax Wi-Fi6E
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 1 Analog audio output (3.5mm)


With stand: (W x H x D) 56.9″ x 34.1″ x 11.7″
Without stand: (W x H x D) 56.9″ x 32.6″ x 1.7″


With stand: 54.7 lbs.
Without stand: 50.1 lbs.

TCL QM8 rear panel

Rear panel


TCL’s QM8 is a great TV. TCL has done an excellent job in designing a TV that delivers on all the key performance metrics and features that make a TV premium-class model.

Its overall picture quality is stunning, delivering outstanding contrast and extremely deep black levels. It’s Mini LED QLED TV backlight design is capable of very high levels of brightness in both HDR and SDR. The 65” model has a local dimming zone count of 1,080 zones which allows for more precise local dimming control. This design when implemented well, as is the case with the QM8, allows for excellent black levels and minimal blooming.

The QM8 is a great gaming TV and is equipped with all the latest gaming features including support for all three variable refresh rates (VRR) technologies (120Hz, 144Hz, 240Hz). The QM8 is also compatible with FreeSync and G-SYNC technologies.

Color reproduction is good straight out of the box but can be taken to the next level with professional calibration.

Although not perfect, the TCL QM8 series is currently one of the best TVs of 2023 in my opinion. So if you’re looking for a premium class 4K HDR TV with plenty of bells and whistles, then check out the QM8. You won’t be disappointed.

TCL QM8 TV room view

Image credit TCL


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