Vizio P652ui-B2 65″ 4K Ultra HD 240Hz LED TV Review

VIZIO P502ui-B1 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV

The arrival of Vizio’s P Series 4K HDTV’s has been highly anticipated ever since their introduction at CES 2014 earlier this year.

Now, the wait is over and the P Series is readily available at many retail stores. Before the release of the P Series, 4K TVs were priced a bit too high for many potential buyers. Now, with prices starting at $999.00 for a name brand  50″ display, many consumers can afford to jump on the 4K bandwagon.

Many of you reading this review may be asking the question: Does Vizio deliver a quality 4K product at an affordable price with good performance? Read on to find out.

For this review, I will focus on the 65″ P652ui-B2. However, this review applies to the 70″ 60″ and 50″ models, with the exception of the 55″ model which features an IPS (in-plane switching) display panel which affects it’s picture quality differently in comparison to the other models listed here that use a VA (vertical alignment) display panel.


As with the company’s “E”  and “M” Series, the P Series continues the tradition of a plain and not very stylish appearance. I don’t see this personally as a knock against Vizio, it’s just that their TV’s aren’t as attractive as premium models from Sony, Samsung and LG.

This set features a thin black bezel highlighted by an outer thin gray trim. The screen has a semi-matte finish, which in my opinion can make the image look a bit dull. However, this wasn’t an issue with this set.

The depth of this display is a bit thicker than most other LED designs thanks to the sets full array backlighting with local dimming. More on this feature later.

The open-base stand is nothing fancy but does add a nice touch to the TVs overall appearance.

Vizio has decided to drop 3D compatibility from their 2014 line-up which includes the P Series. But I believe this will not be a deal-breaker for most potential buyers since 3D has not been a big hit for in-home TV viewing.

The P652ui-B2 features Vizio’s nicely implemented Internet Apps Plus smart TV platform.  This platform gives you a very good selection of apps presented in an easy to use menu layout. Onboard are your usual video apps such as Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus, Vudu and many more. Audio apps include Pandora, Spotify,  iHeartRadio and TuneIn.

For more on Vizio’s Internet Apps Plus, see the video presentation below…

Vizio states they will be adding apps for UltraFlix and Amazon Instant 4k streaming services in the near future.

Remote Control

Image credit Vizio

Image credit Vizio

The remote is of decent size and fits nicely in hand. The button layout is easy to navigate with dedicated Amazon, Netflix and iHeartRadio buttons at the top of the remote. The backside of the remote features a backlit QWERTY keyboard. Strangely enough, the front side of the remote is not backlit.

Connection Ports

This TV has five HDMI ports… the first four are HDMI 1.4 compliant and will handle 1080p and 4K sources up to 30Hz. Input 5 is HDMI 2.0 compatible meaning it can also handle 4K sources up to 60Hz. The fifth input can also accept 1080p signals up to 120Hz.

Other inputs include one each for component video, composite video, USB, Ethernet and RF for antenna or cable/satellite. Outputs include one digital optical audio and one analog audio.

This set also features 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity.


I’ll get right to the point… the P652ui-B2 has very good picture quality. However, it does have a few weak areas I will address. To get the best picture image, use the Calibrated picture setting mode. I also recommend you have this set calibrated for optimal video performance.

First, the good. One of TV’s best picture quality features is its full array backlighting with local dimming. The display panel contains 64 active LED zones, which contributes to this TV’s excellent black level reproduction. Black levels were some of the best I’ve ever seen on an LED TV, which was a deep inky black.

Shadow detail was also excellent and allowed me to see and make-out objects in the darkened image with great clarity and detail.

Contrast was good, producing a good range of the brightest whites to the deepest blacks. However, I did see some slight problems on the upper end of whites (bright highlights) in one of the scenes I viewed. More on this later.

Color reproduction was strong and vibrant but was a little off balance leaving skin tones in certain dark scenes taking on a slight orange/red tone. With the exception of this issue, color accuracy looked pretty good.

Side Angle Viewing/Picture BrightnessVizio P Series

This display produces a very bright picture and is well suited for a brightly lit room environment. The semi-matte screen also helps to reduce screen reflections.

The brightness of the image dimmed as I moved off-center to either side of the screen. But did not detract from the image to where I would consider it a problem.

Image detail and depth was excellent on this display and was on par with Sony and Samsung 4K displays.

I really enjoy seeing all the fine detail in a 4K image, whether it be in the foreground or background of a particular shot or scene. These types of images are so clear and transparent giving you a true “you are their” experience. With that said, the P652ui-B2  delivered this superb type of picture quality in abundance.

Screen Uniformity

Screen uniformity looked very good. I saw no visible hot-spotting on a dark screen with white text positioned at the center of the screen. The black areas of the screen stayed uniformly black.

The Downside

Note: In this section, I have added some consumer-related issues related to the P Series. I normally do not report on consumer experiences in my reviews, but since the P Series is a new product line. I think it would be helpful for readers of this review to know of any bugs associated with these new 4K Ultra HD displays.

There were a few issues I found with this set.  I have already spoken about the color issue. (See above).

Motion blur was a slight problem in some scenes I viewed on this TV. For example, when viewing a football player in action, I noticed some slight blurring of his shoes as he moved about the turf. If you were not intentionally looking for this artifact, you would probably not even notice it.

On the other hand, on slower moving panning shots I saw no motion blur or judder.

Note: Vizio’s website claims a 240Hz refresh rate for this display, but like all other 4K TVs on the market, it actually has a 120Hz refresh rate. The extra Hz supposedly comes from backlight scanning.

Now, back to the bright highlight (blooming) issue, I mentioned above. On a scene I viewed of a space shuttle blasting off, the white exhaust produced by the shuttle’s engines lost its definition and appeared as an obscured white mass.

There has also been reported issues from consumer reviews I discovered doing research over the internet regarding backlight local dimming issues… for example, one consumer stated, “when rapidly transitioning from dark to bright (and vice versa), you can notice the backlighting dimming/brightening with a noticeable lag”. There have also been reports on a popular A/V forum of picture blooming. (This effect is caused by a light bleed from the backlight LEDs that spreads out (blooms) from an illuminated object on the screen and into the surrounding dark (black) areas of the image).

There is firmware update ( that reportedly fixes these issues but at the expense of hurting deep black level reproduction. I have personally seen examples of this on the forum referenced above.  And yes, black level reproduction has been negatively affected by this new firmware update.

Update: The latest official firmware release is 1.1.14. However, newer firmware releases have been recently reported. These updates are 1.1.16 and 1.1.19. To verify your TV’s software version, hit the Menu key on the remote and select System, then System Information. The “Version” line is third from the top.

*Latest firmware version is 1.3.15


So what’s the verdict?

I believe Vizio has delivered a good but yet flawed product to the 4K market. Price-wise there is no better retail value from a name brand television manufacturer. And once Vizio fixes the performance issues associated with this new series of HDTVs, these sets will claim a spot as one of the best 4K TV line-ups available in my opinion.

So in the meantime if you don’t mind dealing with the performance issues mentioned in this review, and don’t want to wait for a later firmware update to fix these problems, then I think the P652ui-B2 is a solid choice if you want to jump into the 4K UHD arena, and doing so at an affordable price.

Update: According to reports being posted by owners on AVS forums, the local dimming and black level issues I mentioned above have been corrected. However, the latest firmware release is stated to have fixed a small remaining sharpness bug seen on 4K content.

My Rating & Specs
  • Vizio P652ui-B2 4K UHD TV

Wrap Up

Price: $1,999.99
See Amazon’s latest offer…

Also available in 50″, 55″, 60″ and 70″ screen sizes

• Overall very good 4K picture image
• Excellent black level and shadow detail reproduction
• Upscales all content to near 4K quality
• Full array backlighting with local dimming
• Great value

• Color accuracy issues
• Motion blur issues with fast action.
• Contrast issues with some brightly highlighted images
• Reported backlight dimming and picture blooming issues

Screen size: 65″
• With stand inches: 57.40” x 35.36” x 10.12”
• Without stand inches: 57.40” x 32.83” x 2.28”

• With stand: 67.68 lbs.
• Without stand: 59.97 lbs

Warranty: One year parts and labor. Free lifetime technical support

Have any questions or comments about this review. Please leave them below.

See Vizio’s P Series full line-up here

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*Updated on 1/13/2016


  • These look like great TV’s. May look into getting one.

  • That is a beautiful TV! You said one of the downsides was that it occasionally blurred (like during a football game). Do you think this would impact those who play video games as those tend to be a lot faster paced than your average TV show?

    • Hi Jared, Thanks for checking out this review. The motion blur I experienced wit this TV was very minimal, and I only noticed it while scrutinizing the image. So I believe the effects of motion blur during video game play will be similar, which in my opinion shouldn’t be an issue. The more important issue with with video game playing is video lag or latency. This TV on HDMI input 5 is excellent at reducing and /or eliminating this problem all together.

  • I’m kinda confused on how to choose a new TV, and your review is very clear!
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Do you have any further updates on this TV? Have they made any significant firmware updates in the past two months? The 70″ model is down to $2000 for Christmas this year and I’m strongly considering it.

    • Hi Larry, Vizio has just released a new firmware update (ver. 1.1.11) for the P Series. It is said to include picture quality improvements, as well as menu item changes and the addition of apps for Amazon and UltraFlix 4K UHD streaming. Thanks for the question.

  • Is there a way to manual do firmware updates on the P652ui-B2? My TV won’t update. It connects to the wireless and apps like Netflix can access the internet but the firmware is still 1.0.0 when I go to Menu>System>System Information>Version: 1.0.0. I’ve had plenty of issues with things not working on this TV. Maybe it’s just faulty. Initially the picture was scrambled the very first time i turned it on. Then it wouldn’t see any wireless AP until I did a reset under Reset and Admin. It still has an issue where sometimes when the resolution is changed a static line appears and a huge lag occurs. The only fix for that is power cycling the tv but it comes back later. This is the most frustrating TV I’ve ever had.

    • Hi James, sorry to hear about your technical issues with your P65ui-B2. To the best of my knowledge, your TV’s firmware must be updated via the internet. Some older Vizio models can be updated manually by downloading the update to a thumb drive. You may want to contact Vizio’s customer support just to be certain whether or not you have other firmware update options. As far as your other issues with your set, it sounds like you may have a defective unit. There have been some reports on A/V forums of individuals having faulty sets. And from all I have learned, it seems Vizio has some quality issues with their P Series. I suggest you exchange your current P65ui-B2 for a different unit if your warranty period allows. I sincerely hope you get your television issues resolved.

  • The new update to the P series just came out 1.1.14 does this fix any of the issues that you mention I really like how the P70 inch looks like and right now it is on sale at my local costco.

    • Hi Hugo, the latest firmware update (1.1.14) has been reported to greatly improve motion resolution (blur), and improve off-axis viewing angles (less picture dimming). Some improvement with the picture blooming issue has also been reported with this latest update. You can also reduce the TV’s backlight control to lower light level output which will also help reduce picture blooming. The backlight local dimming function has also said to show improvement. This firmware update is said to have also corrected sharpness issues. Hope this info helps you with your purchasing decision.

  • Lot of concerns with this tv…

    We just bought this tv last Tuesday (3/17/15) and I already have concerns :/

    The tv will randomly restart itself, sometimes it will freeze, this morning the sound shut off and it would not let me use the remote or turn the tv off from the power button the the tv; I had to actually unplug the tv. Are these issues you are seeing often with your research from other customers? I had to unplug it from the wall yesterday as well because the picture froze and the sound froze on the last sound that came from the tv (annoying sound).

    Is this a bug that can’t be fixed? Should I return the tv? Or does this have to do with the updates?

    When I looked at my system under the menu it says 1.0.1 Is this no good? Do we need to update? Do you think it will fix the problems we are having?

    Also, we don’t have internet… Am I able to update it somehow without internet? I know… we got a smart tv and we don’t have internet… we just wanted a really good tv that had awesome visualization.

    Please help! Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah,
      Sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your TV.

      Ever since Vizio launched its P Series Ultra HD TVs late last year, there have been many consumers reporting problems with these new sets. However, Vizio has corrected most of the performance related issues with their P Series line including the model you currently own.

      I have not heard of any consumers having the issues your are dealing with.

      What source are you using to send video to your TV? What type of connection are you using from your source to the TV? Is it a HDMI cable? If so, is it a quality made cable. Some HDMI cables can cause what is called “hand shake” issues between the video source and the TV and could cause the image to freeze.

      If you are certain that your source equipment and cable(s) are not at fault, then you probably have a defective TV, in which case I would exchange it for a new unit.

      As far as I know, Vizio’s P Series can only obtain firmware updates over the internet. So if you plan on sticking with Vizio’s P Series, I strongly suggest you get the latest firmware updates via an internet connection to fix any bugs within your TV.

      Hope this info helps to get your TV issues resolved.

  • Hello, I just got this P65ui-b2 for Christmas and have been in love with it until last night when I got home and turned it on.. No picture, just a black screen, not even the Vizio logo that comes on the screen when you first turn it on. I have sound and then every three minutes or so the tv quickly turns itself off and then back on, no picture and only sound for three more minutes then repeats the same cycle. This problem just showed up out of the blue, had NO issues for the first month I have owned it. Are there any recalls or such for this problem. It is dead in the water am im very disappointed. Thank you.

    • Hi Rick,
      Sorry to hear of your issues with your P65ui-B2. I don’t know of any on going issues such as the ones you are having. You may have a defective TV, and I assume you are still within your return policy window, however, you may what to try a power cycle procedure before you return your TV. I have provided a link below to Vizio’s support page that shows you how do a power cycle.

      If this procedure works, you then should check to see if your TV has the latest firmware update which is 1.3.15. To verify your TV’s software version, hit the Menu key on the remote and select System, then System Information. The “Version” line is third from the top.
      Your TV must be turned off and connected to the internet for any auto updates to be applied to your TV.

      Hope this info helps to resolve your P65ui-B2 issues.

  • Rick, did you figure your problem out? I have one doing the same thing.

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