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OLED 4K TV is Here…

LG 65EC9700

LG 65EC9700

but the price of admission isn’t cheap.
Update: New flat panel (non-curved) models now available – *plus huge price drops on current models.

OLED TVs have been hovering just under the public radar as far as consumer mass awareness is concerned. Walk into your local big box store and you’ll notice only a few OLED TVs on display. And as recent as late last year and the beginning of 2015, these displays were of the 1080p variety only.

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LG UF8500 4K UHD TV Review

LG UF8500 1

4K Ultra HD 120Hz (240Hz effective) 3D Smart LED TV

As 4K TVs continue to gain momentum in the consumer electronics market, manufacturers are now providing a host of new models this year, in addition to much lower price tags compared to when this technology first hit the market. This has made 4K TVs more appealing than ever for consumers on the hunt for a new HDTV.

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LG 70UF7700 4K UHD TV Review

LG uf7700

4K Ultra HD 120Hz (240Hz effective) Smart LED TV

LG’s UF7700 Series is part of their standard (non-premium) 4K UHD 2015 TV lineup, which also consists of the UF8500 and UF7600 Series and is offered in screen sizes from 43 to 79 inches. The UF7700 Series is available in 60″, 65″ and 70″ screen sizes. There is a 79″ model which is currently unavailable.

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LG 60UB8200 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV Review

LG 60UB8200

An Affordable Large Screen 4K UHD TV

4K TVs have been on the market for a few years now. However, many potential buyers have been unable to obtain a 4K display due to their higher price tags when compared to their 1080p counterparts. As the 2014 model year begins to wind down, prices of 4K TV’s have also been coming down. And as we start the New Year (2015), pricing will continue to fall.

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LG 55EC9300 Review – OLED 55″ 1080P 3D Curved HDTV

lg 55 9300 OLED

Since their arrival in the US in the summer of 2013, OLED based HDTV’s have made a big splash in the television market.  LG’s 55EA9800 was the predecessor to this year’s current model and received critical acclaim from reviewers,  industry experts and enthusiasts as having some of the best TV images ever displayed. See my review of the EA9800 here.

Fast forward to 2014 and LG’s second-generation line-up of OLED HDTV’s featuring the 65EC9700 and the 55EC9300, which continue with the superb performance standard set by last year’s model.  More on performance later.

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LG 60PB6900 60″ 1080p 600Hz 3D PLASMA HDTV Review

Plasma TVs still deliver some of the best images of any current TV technology available. I’m personally still a big fan of plasma displays and have come to appreciate the very accurate and natural images they produce.

As many of you already know, plasma TVs will soon be a thing of the past with manufacturers discontinuing production on this great technology. Panasonic stopped production earlier this year. Samsung recently announced they will stop production later this year.

This will leave LG as the sole manufacturer of this technology. However, there is talk in the industry that LG will soon follow and end plasma production.

So in the meantime, these displays are still readily available. One of these is LG’s 60PB6900 and is the topic of this review.

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